6 Things You Should Know About Datto

Unless you’ve really been digging through the IT industry white sheets, you may not know much about Datto. Maybe you’ve seen their name pop up on Forbes a couple of times, or you’ve heard an IT guru mention them in passing.

Regardless of your familiarity with Datto, you’re most certainly acquainted with their realm of operation: Providing top-tier backup and recovery solutions for businesses. Every time you read about a ransomware scare, a malicious hacker, or a flood that wipes out an unfortunate data center, you’re hearing about the kind of problems that Datto is built to solve.

1. What is Datto?

To put things simply, Datto provides hybrid-cloud solutions that protect business data and ensure continuity through any number of modern day calamities. Their infrastructure is designed for fast restores, instant failover, and the ability to keep businesses running.

Naturally, Datto has become a go-to provider for industries such as law offices and engineering firms – sectors that are notoriously reliant on their data to function. What’s a bit more surprising is that Datto has proven itself perfectly suited to smaller businesses, with everyone from printing

companies to craft breweries turning to this provider for secure, reliable cloud backups.

2. What is a Total Data Protection service?

The brainy folks behind Datto know a lot about business data. They know that a company’s files are rarely kept in a single, in-house server farm, and that smartphones and tablets allow people to do business anywhere, anytime. This means that data is no longer centralized, but is essentially everywhere, streaking back and forth between mobile devices, servers, cloud networks, and the desktops back at the office.

All that data is traveling through software, operating systems, and apps that constitute a business’ infrastructure. It’s tools like Office 360 and Dropbox that keep the data moving productively and efficiently, enabling project management and communication between staff members. Protecting data is important, but without the underlying infrastructure, the business can’t continue to operate.

Datto addresses this fact with Total Data Protection solutions that protect both the data and the infrastructure, ensuring that when a problem strikes, their customer’s business can keep going. Thanks to this operational philosophy, Datto users can perform bare-metal restores without the need to reinstall operating systems and applications. If you’ve ever been through a full-wipe recovery, you know just how much of a timesaver this would be! In fact, Datto TDP clients have reported that their business was back up and running within hours after a major natural disaster, while the surrounding businesses took days to get back on their feet.

3. What is Different About Datto’s Cloud?

Unlike many clouds, the Datto cloud was purpose-built to provide their signature Total Data Protection solutions. Datto clouds have a massive advantage over general purpose clouds such as Azure, AWS, or Rackspace, and they create extremely fast backups and deliver lightning-fast restores.

4. Is Datto’s Cloud Secure?

The provider recognizes the importance of security, and Datto defends against hackers, malware, and human error just as actively as other disasters. Bare metal restores from the Total Data Protection platform guarantees a clean system after a ransomware or virus attack, and it does so much more reliably and easily than rolling back to an uncorrupted backup image. Using the platform is like turning back time, restoring both the user’s data and IT environment from image-based backups.

Image result for datto alto5. Is Datto a Good Choice for Small Business?

Datto has a wide range of offerings, including those suited perfectly to small businesses. Their ALTO solution is geared specifically in that direction, providing image-based backups and enterprise-level functionality at a lower price. Datto ALTO protects any physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure running on Windows, Mac, or Linux. This solution will allow you to store backups to the local device on an automated schedule, and replicate backups on the Datto cloud.

Of course, ALTO is only one of many options for small business who should be using Datto for their backup and recovery solution.

6. Where Can I Learn More About Datto?

Datto has quite a few products and services in their lineup, and it can be fairly daunting to navigate if you’re looking for the best solution to fit your own, unique needs. We recommend contacting a qualified IT support professional that specializes in Datto so they can steer you toward the correct options.

Here at Compunet InfoTech, we have a great deal of experience helping our clients protect their businesses with Datto. If you would like to discuss the possibilities with a Datto expert, please don’t hesitate to contact our team at (604) 986-8170 or email info@compunet.ca.