Compunet can move your Architectural Firm into the Cloud today!

Given the type of work that architects do, and how large those projects and digital files are, it's long been accepted in the industry that a firm's IT infrastructure has to be hosted on premise. Given how expensive and inconvenient it is to host your own technology, Compunet has worked hard to develop a ground-breaking cloud solution that will provide your architectural firm with enhanced accessibility to your large files from remote locations as need be, without having to host any hardware in your end.

We call it our "Architectural Firm in a Box". As an experienced support provider for Vancouver architectural firms like yours, Compunet has developed this unbeatable solution to help clients gain mobility, convenience, and improve service delivery.

You can learn more about our "Architectural Firm in a Box" at our upcoming webinar on August 24th, 2016 at 2PM. Call (604) 986-8170 or email us at to find out more and RSVP today.

You can’t afford to miss out. We’ll explain the range of benefits that our "Architectural Firm in a Box" will provide your firm, including

  • Simple Collaboration: This solution offers your architectural firm with a single, central workspace for Revit and other work that will be accessible from wherever work takes you. Your staff will enjoy the freedom to view, edit and interact with a range of file formats in order to get work done more easily.
  • Enhanced Connectivity: This solution will allow you to keep your staff connected to clients, contractors, and each other with your very own virtual architectural firm hosted by Compunet in the cloud.
  • Reduced Costs on Real Estate and Hardware: With this solution, you'll no longer need to lease additional expensive Vancouver office space to house any new architects that you add to your staff. With Compunet hosting all vital hardware on our end, you'll also be able to reduce your on premise IT infrastructure.

Want to learn more? Get in touch with us at (604) 986-8170 or email us at to reserve your spot at our upcoming "Architectural Firm in a Box" webinar immediately.