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Keep up with legal matters from ANYWHERE 👏

Access Case Information From Anywhere Managing clients, cases, employees, deadlines, and ultimately, your firm is a HUGE job. But the cloud

Server Support For Vancouver Law Firms

Server Support For Large & Small Law Firms In Vancouver Managed IT services take the heavy lifting out of managing servers and other IT

Take Your Legal Firm Paperless Securely

Secure Paperless System for Legal Offices A paperless system saves time, resources and money while offering clarity and security. Find out

A Law Firm’s Guide To Managed IT Services

Technological downtime can make or break a law firm. Even an hour of downtime can cost a small or medium firm as much as $250,000. What Exa

Tech Competence and Attorneys: New Changes You Need To Know About

If you are a lawyer or if you are hiring a lawyer, technology competence, often shortened to tech competence, is a term that you should be a

What Is Technology Competence

According to the LawSites blog, as of this writing, there are 36 states that have adopted the ABA’s updated Model Rule 1.1, which states

What Technology Should Small Law Firms Choose

It is questionable whether there is any industry today that has not been forced to adopt new technology to remain competitive. But for small

How Can Law Firms Use Microsoft Office 365’s E-Discovery Capabilities?

According to the American Bar Association, it is crucial for attorneys and e-discovery professionals to define the rules of engagement ins

AI Is One of the Top Challenges for Vancouver Law Firms

Law firms are not always known for their high level of innovation, but the recent push towards artificial intelligence (AI) might be one way

Should Law Firms Start Their Own Podcasts?

Podcasts are huge these days. Popular podcast Serial has been downloaded millions of times and has become a pop culture phenomenon right

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