The World Of Cybersecurity And Cyber Threats Has Gotten Treacherous…

… Let Compunet Help You Navigate Uncertain Waters

Cybercriminals and ransomware wreaked havoc across the globe in 2017, and continue unabated. It’s clear that we now live in a digital war zone, and if you are concerned about the security of your computer networks, lost or stolen devices, or the privacy of your confidential information, now is the time to step up and start taking the needed precautions.

Cyber Security And The War Against Small Business
A Lunch And Learn Event

  • Date: Wednesday, May 16th, 2018
  • Time: 8am-10am
  • Location: Surrey Board of Trade Board Room
    101 – 14439 104 Ave, Surrey, BC, V3R 1M1
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Join us and discover some amazingly simple strategies you can use to protect your business from becoming a victim in 2018. This must-attend workshop - sponsored by the Surrey Board of Trade- will show you how to avoid the common mistakes that many small business owners make every day.

This event will center around a presentation by Compunet's own Bob Milliken, whose decades of experience make him an ideal source of valuable cybersecurity information.

Bob Milliken – Speaker Bio

Since 1998 Bob and his team have been providing managed care for computer networks to small and medium businesses in Surrey and throughout the lower mainland. Bob’s team is expert at harnessing the power of IT technology and addressing the challenges that you face every day in IT management, operations, and support.

Bob has run a successful IT company for the past 15 years. As well, he has worked in the IT industry for over 30 years, including with Microsoft and Univac. He is passionate about keeping computer networks safe and secure. Bob is a Toastmaster and a regular speaker to business groups with a focus on Defining Their IT Strategy and How to Master Their IT.

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