What Makes Datto ALTO Such a Game-Changer with Backup and Data Recovery?

It’s just one of a slew of Datto products that are revolutionizing the BDR (Backup and Data Recovery) game. But, Datto ALTO hardware is being increasing sought-out by those small businesses (and bigger organizations) who desire a greater measure of reliability in backing up their valuable proprietary and client data.

To this end, Compunet Infotech is your go-to Vancouver Datto support provider.

What are some of the most attractive Datto ALTO features?

Here are a few of Datto ALTO’s best features for both Datto partners and their clients:

  • With a one-year agreement, the Datto ALTO appliance has no upfront hardware costs, and its monthly cost is low.
  • Datto ALTO provides almost the same set of features as larger BDR solutions, however, it only offers up to 1 TB of space.
  • ALTO has been called by TechTarget a go-to “business continuity offering for small businesses”.

What can you do for me as a Datto partner, where ALTO and other BDR appliances are concerned?

Compunet keeps all our clients on the most trend-conscious and contemporary path when it comes to Datto product installation, monitoring, upkeep, and support. We offer the most competitive and responsive service and support for Datto ALTO and their other BDR devices.

I heard certain Datto ALTO technology has been “rolled-up” into Datto SIRIS. If this is true, will you still provide Datto ALTO support?

Absolutely! There’s no need at all to worry about continuing to get the same great Datto support from us. For those businesses looking for BDR appliances with nimble evolvement capabilities, Virtual ALTO‘s capabilities have been consolidated into SIRIS Virtual.

To wit, as of 2016, Datto has updated its SIRIS offering and added an all-flash BDR appliance, providing BDR hardware, software, and a hybrid cloud platform, selling exclusively through qualified managed service providers (MSPs) like Compunet.

Datto corporate has recently stated:

“We have taken some of the most popular features from other solutions…and brought them into the SIRIS line,” said Sue Ulintz Mosovich, technical marketing engineer at Datto. “Datto has been growing rapidly and adding a lot of new and different technologies into its portfolio. All Datto products are expected to have a long service life, and these distributions will continue to support updates in Datto SIRIS.”

In short, you’ll still get the same reliable service, support, and upgrades where necessary involving Datto ALTO 2. ALTO XL, Virtual ALTO, and each of its BDR products from Compunet, Vancouver’s best Datto partner.

Sounds great! When can we get started with you as our Datto Partner in Vancouver?

Right away! Just contact one of our Compunet Infotech agents at (604)-986-8170 or email us, and we can get you started on all the Datto ALTO solutions and support in Vancouver BC you’ll ever need!