How the Latest News on Datto Will Greatly Improve Your Datto Support ROI

In case you haven’t heard the news, Datto is now adding Networking and Security to their list of core competencies. This latest expansion by the company will result in us being able to boost our Datto support for Vancouver BC businesses and offer even more IT optimization in three key areas (BDR, aka Backup and Disaster Recovery, tighter network security measures, and secure wireless networking).

This means you will surely gain significantly more ROI out of your Datto support and MSP investment with Compunet!

As reported by Joseph F. Kovar of CRN, June 15th, 2017:

“Datto is a company going through massive changes to itself as part of a plan to make it an indispensable part of the MSP channel. The company, best known as a developer of data protection technology for MSPs, has in the past few years made two major technology acquisitions that have made it a major player in the networking and security markets. At DattoCon last week, the company also unveiled plans to enter the virtual desktop business. And, as with everything the company does, this is all being done specifically to make it a more valuable part of the MSP business.

Datto CEO Austin McChord sat down with CRN during DattoCon to talk about the company’s technology expansion and how it ties in with Datto’s maniacal focus on the MSP business. Here’s how a small company, just turning into a midsize business, hopes to take on the IT industry’s biggest storage, security, and networking companies.”

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Our FAQ of the Week Re Datto:

Can your Datto data backup solutions keep us free from ransomware attacks?

Your chances are certainly far better than without Datto BDR and support! Compunet, via the technology of Datto is defeating ransomware to a great degree, and its BDR tools continuously protect your valuable data from malicious cyber attacks. Employee errors, angry ex-employees, and cyber attacks are all covered by Datto backup technology and offerings like Datto SIRIS and ALTO – now, more than it ever has.

Datto BDR hardware allows you to instantly restore accounts and data so you can continue with business as usual through any crisis – and have a much better chance at passing your next compliance audit!

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