Compunet wants to help you cut costs without sacrificing a single necessary I.T. feature on which you currently rely. This means applying our I.T. expertise and business knowledge to determine unique solutions that will alleviate your financial concerns without crippling your firm’s I.T. infrastructure.

Start saving today by contacting Compunet at (604) 986-8170 or to talk about our range of cost-cutting cloud solutions.

Compunet can help you save money by applying our cloud-based I.T. solutions to your business, as well as by offering ongoing strategic consultation for budgeting and planning of your future I.T. investments.

Reduce IT Costs

The cloud presents a number of key opportunities for architectural firms like yours to cut back on unnecessary expenditures. With our unique “Virtual Architectural Firm in a Box” solution, our team can leverage to cloud to help you save money in the following ways:

  • Reduced Costs: With cloud solutions, there are zero upfront costs required to purchase and maintain tons of expensive hardware, which means you’re no longer required to spend money on ongoing support, power, storage, and cooling.
  • Greater employee productivity:  With our help, your staff members will be able to access Revit and other BIM software and data from any device or location, which means tasks get done with greater convenience and availability.
  • Lowered Costs for Expansion: With your very own “Virtual Architectural Firm in a Box”, adding employees becomes a simple matter. Instead of finding room for them in your expensive and crowded Vancouver office, we’ll configure their access to the virtual space at whatever remote location they need to work from.

Compunet can help you minimize your I.T. costs while still enjoying the I.T. services you need to thrive. Contact us today at (604) 986-8170 or to start saving money.