Ten Apps to Make Your Architecture Firm More Efficient

Find out the latest and most effective apps for busy Vancouver-based architects. These tech tools help you design, draw, ideate, model, and collaborate.  

Staying productive and organized is a huge priority whether you’re an architect, project manager, planner, or designer. There are many tools available to help you get the job done faster, but finding time to explore the newest tech isn’t always an option.

That’s why we’ve rounded up the top 10 apps that every Vancouver architect firm should consider adding to their arsenal. From measuring spaces to drafting and tracing, these apps will help keep you and your firm productive, organized, and on the go.

Measuring & Calculating

1. Planimeter

Planimeter uses a satellite map to measure distance and land area. Great for either offsite or onsite planning and prep work, this app easily helps you measure lot sizes, building sizes, and distances for landscaping and paving. Get a quick look at area, angles, and perimeter without even stepping outside.

2. Magicplan

This incredibly useful app can scan a room in 30 seconds and create a working floor plan, 3D model, digital tour, or help you estimate material costs for your project. Magicplan is great for architects and designers alike, allowing you to quickly collect data onsite with only your phone. Export your floor plan to PDF, DXF, JPG, SVG, CSV, or PNG and easily keep work flowing between the job site and the office.

3. Sun Seeker

This app looks at measurement from a different perspective. Sun Seeker is a compass and tracker that helps you locate the sun’s position, track hourly direction intervals, view sunrise and sunset times at your location, and even the summer and winter solstice paths. The app even uses 3D Augmented Reality, making onsite surveys for lighting and window placement easier than ever before.

4. Construction Master Pro

Construction Master Pro is your all-in-one calculator for dealing with the more complicated measurements and calculations you encounter. Rather than dragging around an extra tool, this app lets you calculate dimension conversions, area and volume, right angle solutions, and more. The user-friendly app also provides built-in examples and instructions, ensuring you always have the most accurate figures.

Tracing & Drawing

5. Morpholio Trace

Lauded by Wired as “Digital Magic,” Morpholio Trace is an app that combines the creative tools of drawing software with the precision tools of CAD. The AR trace feature allows you to directly trace onto a photo, giving you accurate perspective and vanishing points so that your drafts are to scale without having to jump between different programs.

6. SketchBook

This app is a favorite among architects and designers and comes free with an AutoDesk ID. From creative brushes to ellipse guides and rulers, SketchBook allows you to capture ideas on any device and easily export them to the format of your choice. For those architects who like a quick way to jot down ideas on the go and finish fine-tuning at the office, this is a great app to add to your toolbox.

CAD Modeling

7. BIMx

If you are already working with Archicad, BIMx allows you to view your 3D models and 2D documentation on your mobile device. This app helps improve workflow by providing an easy way to share your data with clients and contractors. Save time and money by reducing your need for printed plans and layouts.

8. iRhino 3D

iRhino 3D is a must-have for those who already use Rhino software. Their 3D app lets you view your 3DM files while on the go. Available on iPhone and iPad, you can quickly view, markup, and email your 3DM files, making work easy to share with clients and contractors.

9. uMake

While only available on iOS, uMake brings CAD to your mobile device or iPad, making 3D art and design available wherever you are. The app allows you to sketch out your idea, in 3D, in just moments, and then fine-tune it with the same precision tools you experience in your desktop CAD software.

10. AutoDesk FormIt 360 & AutoCad 360

The easiest way to bring your CAD modeling to your mobile device or tablet is through the AutoDesk apps that correlate with your software. AutoDesk was named by Fortune as one of “World’s most admired companies,” so it should come as no surprise that their apps are on the list. You can edit, create, and view AutoCad drawings in the mobile app, or you can collaborate on and analyze early designs through FormIt. Workflow and productivity are a huge priority in the world of architecture. These apps help keep your moving without losing any important data, ideas, or documents. Everything you need is right there with you.

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