What Does Top-Tier Ransomware Protection for Canada Businesses Look Like?

Ransomware attacks in Canada have become increasingly commonplace and costly. Recent estimates indicate that hackers demand anywhere from US$65 million to US$260 million per attack; however, the total financial impact of a single attack can be over a US$1 billion for affected companies that have to wipe and reboot systems, deal with irate individuals whose information was compromised in the attack, and get through bad publicity and the loss of public trust that can reduce profits long-term.

Thankfully, ransomware protection in Canada can help companies avoid these devastating attacks in most instances. If an attack does occur, ransomware protection enables you to get back on your feet without downtime. This form of protection is offered by IT managed service companies such as Compunet and includes a range of services to boost your IT cybersecurity while optimizing your set-up to boost productivity.

Ransomware Protection For Engineering Firms

What is Ransomware and How Does it Work?

To understand what ransomware protection can do for your business, it’s important to understand what it is and how it works. Put simply, ransomware is a computer virus that typically infects computers via a “Trojan horse” such as an infected email attachment. Once the virus spreads through your system, it locks you out of your data, encrypting all your files so you can’t access your information. A message then pops up on your screen notifying you that you have until a certain day/time to send a certain amount of cryptocurrency to the hacker’s account. In some instances, you’ll be notified that the ransom price rises if you take too long to meet the hacker’s demands. Failure to pay the ransom results in all information being wiped from your systems.

How Ransomware Protection Prevents Attacks

IT managed service providers have various tools and services that can reduce your odds of being targeted by a ransomware attack.

IT Monitoring Services

IT monitoring services monitor your system 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Trained, experienced IT professionals at an IT service provider will be continually on the lookout for vulnerabilities that could lead to a ransomware attack. Furthermore, IT experts can catch an attack in progress and take measures to limit the damage so you don’t lose all your valuable data.

IT Cybersecurity Training

Human error is a leading cause of data breaches in Canada. It’s all too easy to click on what looks like a legitimate email attachment or pop-up, use a weak password, or fall for a phishing attack. What’s more, the shift to a work from home set-up in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic has created a host of vulnerabilities that hackers have been all too eager to exploit. Workers who were protected by a corporate network are now using personal devices and network connections for work purposes, making it easier than ever for hackers to breach a company system. With access to a single device, hackers can soon gain entry into your entire network, infecting your systems and your employees’ hardware.

IT cybersecurity training secures your systems by teaching employees how to recognize potential attacks and avoid them. The training is often accompanied by regular cybersecurity testing to ensure all staff members are adhering to your company’s cybersecurity guidelines.

Anti-Malware Programs

Next-generation firewall software and antivirus/antimalware programs are continually updated to address all the latest threats. An IT managed service will provide you with top-tier software to combat potential attacks. Furthermore, the service will monitor these programs to catch and address potential threats.

Endpoint Security

Are all the devices connecting to your network fully secure? As employees and business owners alike use personal laptops and phones to do business, hackers have learned how to exploit these devices to gain entry to company networks. IT managed services use endpoint security to ensure that only authorized devices can connect to your network and gain access to your data.

Data Back-up Systems

The RCMP urges Canadian companies not to pay the ransom in the wake of an attack. Doing so does not guarantee you’ll get your files back safely; what’s more, it encourages hackers to target you again at a future date.

IT managed services offer back-up systems to back up your information in real-time so you have the files you need even if you are targeted by a ransomware attack. The back-up system is customized to suit your needs and industry requirements. It is also checked periodically to ensure you can access all your files securely and easily should the need arise.

Business Continuity Planning

If a ransomware attack does take down your systems, you won’t need to worry about extended downtime if you have a business continuity plan in place. This plan ensures your company can continue operating regularly even as IT experts wipe your systems, replace your software, and scan your network to ensure there is no hidden malware that could lead to a second ransomware attack.

Ransomware Protection from Compunet

Compunet is an award-winning IT support company in Vancouver that offers a range of cybersecurity tools and services to keep your business safe now and in the future. We monitor your systems, train your employees, use various cybersecurity tools and programs to prevent ransomware attacks, and set up two-factor authentication to add an additional layer of security to your IT set-up. Our team offers a proactive, customized approach to cybersecurity by taking the time to get to know your firm and how you operate before making IT recommendations. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures we’ll either meet or exceed your expectations.

Ransomware protection is no longer something that’s simply “nice to have”. It’s a must if you want to operate safely in today’s complex, technologically-driven world. If you’re looking for top-tier protection and assistance that will keep you safe from threats, get in touch with us at your convenience to learn more about our tools and services or to schedule an appointment with our team of cybersecurity experts.