Vancouver IT Support
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Where Can Your Vancouver Business Turn For The Best IT Services & Business Computer Support?

Compunet Infotech Inc. knows technology is an incredibly powerful tool, and we know how to ask the right questions, in order to understand your business needs, requirements, and goals, then implement the right technologies that truly make a difference within your company – allowing you to streamline processes and become more profitable and efficient.

Vancouver IT Support

Introducing Compunet InfoTech…The Absolute Best Choice For Vancouver IT Support & Computer Solutions

Since 1989, Compunet Infotech has been the leading IT services and support company for businesses throughout Greater Vancouver. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Nick Nouri, founder and president, leads our team of IT professionals specialized in preventing and solving information technology challenges for our clients.

Our passion to learn, along with our vision to seamlessly integrate technology into small to midsize businesses, allows us to find new solutions and ways for technology to help businesses in the short and long term.

Why Compunet InfoTech As Your Trusted Vancouver & Lower Mainland IT Support Company?

As a small or medium-sized business, by outsourcing your company’s IT service and support requirements to Compunet InfoTech, you have acquired a 24/7 IT department which:

  • Takes no sick time, maternity leave, paid leave or vacation time.
  • Requires no ongoing training or educational expenditures that you have to pay for.
  • Won’t suddenly quit and/or go to work for a direct competitor.
  • Will not commit internal data theft or company sabotage.

Add to this the many years of collective experience and expertise in delivering optimized IT solutions for an array of businesses, and the extensive knowledge base developed as a result, we are focused on and able to make our clients more productive and profitable.

What Compunet InfoTech Focuses On When Delivering IT Services In Vancouver

Compunet Infotech’s mission is to partner with our clients towards their success, to share knowledge and provide technical solutions that meet our clients’ business needs, to deliver excellent management services for our clients’ IT systems, and to provide the highest quality value and service to our clients’ staff.

What Values Does Compunet InfoTech Bring As Your Vancouver IT Support Company?

  • Long-term Client Relationships: trust, increasing involvement, long-term planning
  • Excellent Communication: timeliness, expectations management
  • Excellent Client Services: communication, responsiveness, completion, satisfaction
  • Efficient Processes: consistency, constant improvement, automation
  • Ongoing Knowledge Sharing: best practices, efficiency, new technologies
  • Strategic Planning: client analysis, growth planning, marketplace responsiveness

Seamlessly Integrating Technology Into Your Business to Solve The Challenges You Face
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