Cybersecurity Solutions For Vancouver Architectural Firms

Architectural firms, like businesses of every kind, make broad and growing use of information technology. An online presence makes it easier to communicate with customers and provide them with more services, especially when in-person meetings aren’t advisable. At the same time, it has its risks. High-quality security is necessary to prevent information loss and downtime.

That’s why you need the right IT support and cybersecurity services. A small in-house IT staff doesn’t have the expertise to deal with the ever-changing array of threats that face every business on the Internet.

The elements of cybersecurity

The people attacking your systems are after financial gain, in one form or another. They could be after:

  • Trade secrets
  • Contact lists
  • The use of your machines to send spam or do cryptocurrency mining
  • Money extorted through ransomware.
  • Personal financial information

They constantly invent new tactics to steal from you by exploiting software vulnerabilities, weak configurations, or human carelessness. They have no respect for national boundaries; attacks on your systems in Vancouver could come from China, Nigeria, the United States, or anywhere else in the world.

There’s no single security measure that will stop all threats. It would be best to have a robust combination of firewall protection, security software, access control, malware detection, and user alertness.

Cybersecurity for architectural firms

Compunet InfoTech has been providing IT services and software for architectural firms in the Vancouver area since the 1990s. Our Virtual Architecture Firm in a Box won the Best Cloud Computing Solution award in 2017 from Channel Elite. It supports a cloud-based approach, letting employees perform all their tasks remotely.

Your business uses the Internet for customer communication, delivery of technical documents, presentations, virtual tours, and billing. It’s essential to keep these systems safe from break-ins. Your customers want to be confident that the information they exchange with you is secure. With comprehensive IT support from Compunet, you earn their confidence and avoid disruptions in business.

We can either work with your IT staff, aiding with cybersecurity and other specialized services, or provide complete IT support for your business.

How we can help you stay secure

Your firm’s business is architecture, and you don’t need distractions from it. The best way to keep your systems reliable and secure is to leverage managed IT services. At Compunet InfoTech, our IT offerings will optimize your firm’s network so that you can focus on your areas of expertise. For a single, reasonable monthly fee, you will enjoy premium IT services and solutions, including the following:

  • Managed IT support: We will serve as your fully committed, remote IT department, delivering the solutions you need to meet your goals.
  • Cybersecurity: Hackers constantly try to penetrate and damage your network, but we are more than a match for their strategies. We offer comprehensive cybersecurity solutions using cutting-edge technology, strategic security protocols, proactive solutions, and reliable guidance to shield your network from “bad actors.”
  • Ransomware protection: Ransomware encrypts your files, making them unusable, and is one of the most alarming online attacks. Our wide array of cybersecurity solutions will protect your data from being “taken hostage” by bad actors.
  • Cloud services: Moving to the cloud is the way to go today. Cloud-based offerings make it easier for employees to work remotely. They will increase your firm’s flexibility and scalability while minimizing your IT spending. We’ll help you take advantage of the latest cloud innovations so that you don’t get left behind. At the same time, we’ll make sure your cloud services live up to the high level of security that you demand.

Contact us to open a discussion, without cost or obligation, about how we can ease your IT burden and reduce your online risks. We’ll present the options that are best suited for your business and staff.