Microsoft Network Security in Vancouver

The rapid transition to remote and hybrid work is one of the biggest issues that affect businesses and organizations of all sizes and industries. As businesses and organizations prepare for 2022, they must take a thorough look at their network security posture to ensure that their sensitive data, intellectual property, applications, and infrastructure are protected at all times. Businesses and organizations in Vancouver must also ensure that strategies are in place to protect their data and infrastructures beyond 2022, given that many organizations will operate differently in the years to come.

Microsoft Network Security in Vancouver

Secure Your Digital Transformation Journey

Businesses and organizations leverage multiple technology resources during their digital journey. An organization generates a variety of sensitive data, attracting the attention of cybercriminals. Employees have access to data, servers, and applications through cloud environments. Employees are accessing IT environments remotely and through different devices, stretching the attack surface. This change in data access can result in major security risks.

Data remains valuable to Vancouver businesses and organizations of all sizes. Therefore, it is highly important to protect the data, systems, infrastructure, and workplaces from cyberattacks. Due to the increased usage of Microsoft applications, storing data in the cloud, and operating servers in the cloud, business leaders do not have as much control over their security.

Microsoft Network Security

Compunet Infotech provides threat management and network security support for Microsoft through managed network security services. Managed network security provides the knowledge, hardware, applications, installation, configuration, and updates to keep your network secure. With Microsoft network security, Vancouver business leaders will have access to a team of security specialists and layered services such as:

  • Web filtering
  • Intrusion detection and prevention
  • Firewall protection
  • Multi-Factor or Two-Factor Authentication implementation

What Are the Benefits of Microsoft Network Security?

For Vancouver businesses of all sizes, Microsoft network security will provide comprehensive protection for your Microsoft systems and applications. As your business or organization changes and adapts to the current state of the work environment, our security experts will enhance your security policies and monitor your network to ensure you always maintain the highest level of network protection. Continuous monitoring and continuous reports will ensure you are always aware of the current state of your organization’s security status. With comprehensive monitoring and reports, you will always have insight into security incidents, user traffic, etc.

If you previously relied on your internal IT team to move your organization to the cloud, you likely need additional expertise and knowledge to properly implement most of Microsoft’s security features and capabilities. Therefore, it is important to partner with a provider that has experience working across various industries. A provider that has experience working across multiple industries will be able to give expert advice on how to properly implement network security services, while also ensuring your organization has the best network security protections that you need to remain compliant.

Secure Your Microsoft Security Platform

As your Microsoft Network Security partner, we will work with you to define which systems need to be protected and which security level will work best for your organization. We will generate tailored recommendations for action from the vulnerabilities we have identified and construct a strategy that fulfills your needs.

We group the necessary measures according to priority and implement the best possible security tools. Not only that, but we also structure the various security systems and Microsoft’s guidelines in a way that they best reflect your unique needs. We will monitor your organization’s IT infrastructure, identify threats, and implement the necessary measures to defend against cyber threats and attacks.

Allow us to ensure the security of all your Microsoft resources, whether in the cloud or on-premise. Call Compunet today at (604) 986-8170 if you are a business in Vancouver looking for a Microsoft support company.

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