Many businesses are migrating their infrastructure to Microsft Azure Cloud as a way to continue to grow their business, protect their information, and work more efficiently. Azure provides businesses with better security against viruses and ransomware, allows you to save money on your IT services, is scalable for any size business, and provides reliable storage in the cloud. When it comes to moving your system over to Microsoft Azure, there are many important issues that need to be addressed to avoid the common pitfalls that one may encounter. To overcome these obstacles, it is best to retain the services of a Vancouver Cloud Consulting Company to assist with your Microsoft Azure migrations.

How a Vancouver IT Company Can Help You With Your Migrations?

An experienced and reliable IT company has technicians with the knowledge to handle any problems that may be encountered and make the switch as easy and painless as possible. An IT company will not only help you with the preparation of the migration and the actual migration process, but they will also be able to make sure that all of the systems are working properly and you feel ready and confident to use your system. A cloud consulting company can help you with multiple issues such as:

  • Ensuring there is enough local bandwidth – There needs to be a specific amount of bandwidth provisioning to ensure that the new system works effectively with all the other programs you utilize. Your technician will be able to evaluate your system and address any needs with bandwidth before beginning the migration.
  • Adjusting for system downtime – During the migration, your system will experience a short period of downtime. Your technician will work with you to determine the best time for this downtime to occur, so it does not affect your business functions. They also have the skills to make sure that the downtime is as limited as possible.
  • Dealing with existing dependencies – Your technician may encounter software program dependencies when preparing for the migration and will be able to take these into account and create the proper configurations to make sure no other programs or data is disrupted.
  • Database migration problems – While you can use your in-house database to run Azure functions, it may be more beneficial to migrate the database to the Azure program itself. Your technician will be able to make this transition without losing valuable data.
  • Virtual and remote machine conversion – When you migrate your software to Azure, you will need to have the migration occur on all machines that will be accessing the software. With the help of an IT firm, you can make sure that all of your virtual and remote devices are migrated as well and able to work off the same software.
  • Issues with application compatibility – All of your applications will need to be able to work seamlessly with Azure to improve efficiency and prevent complications. Technical support can verify the compatibility with current applications you run and make sure everything is functioning properly after the migration.
  • Disaster recovery – Once your infrastructure has been migrated over, your technician will implement a disaster recovery program which can include how to recover backed up information in the event that the system goes down.
  • Dealing with the mental shift to the new software – An IT support firm will be able to answer questions that you may have, not only about the migration, but also what the shift can mean for your changing infrastructure. Their end goal is to not only complete your successful migration completely but also to make sure that you are able to use the software to more efficiently run your business.

Let a Vancouver Cloud Consulting Company Help You Reach Your Goals With Your Microsoft Azure Migration

Don’t let your Microsoft Azure migration lead to headaches. Choose a reliable Vancouver IT firm to help you reach the business goals you wish to achieve with your Azure migration by making sure that your migrations go smoothly and any issues are addressed before you even begin using it. By having a knowledgeable technician perform your migration, you can rest assured that your software will operate smoothly, you will have limited downtime, and you will be able to enjoy the full benefits that a Microsoft Azure migration affords you.