Benefits Of Co-Managed IT Services For Vancouver Corporations

Technostress” is a growing concern for most staff. Thanks to the uptick of advanced tech solutions and services, most employees are confused by the complexities and are upset by fragmentation. The situation is even worse for companies’ IT professionals.

Think about it: in-house tech personnel isn’t just forced to stay ahead of new IT initiatives; they’re also required to deploy these solutions at scale, manage their security, and ensure the solutions deliver the optimal returns – all while bearing with an ever-growing list of daily tasks.

With all these hurdles, your team needs the proper assistance to address the current challenges without additional stress. Relying on co-managed IT services gives your teams the best of both worlds. Rather than taking over your IT functions, experts like Compunet combine forces with your internal tech professionals to deliver adaptable, actionable, and agile outcomes.

What Does Co-Managed IT Solutions Entail?

Entirely managed IT services usually shift responsibility for critical operations away from in-house IT teams. Although this streamlines processes, it frustrates employees who may feel like they’ve lost control of key functions like access management, security, and integration.

Co-managed IT solutions use a different approach. Rather than replacing IT staff on specific functions, the experts partner with internal tech teams to identify any IT issues, develop custom approaches, and identify the most appropriate services and solutions. Thus, your staff will easily align tech services with your business strategy by delivering in-house tasks and assigning services on demand.

Co-managed providers vary, but the following service categories stand out:

  • Gap coverage – Even the best teams struggle with expert attrition as staff leave the organizations. They also grapple with the resultant workload challenges during staff vacations and sick leaves. Co-managed IT services bridge this gap by complementing your team with professionals serving as your IT department extension.
  • On-demand expertise – Your co-managed IT partner will be there whenever you need help. They’ll provide an extensive, highly knowledgeable IT department to deliver the expertise your Vancouver business needs when you need it.
  • Active automation – The combination of current functions and future tech deployments can overwhelm your internal IT staff. Co-managed IT solutions automate vital chores like routine maintenance and reporting, giving your staff more time to increase productivity.
  • Strategic development – IT functions are a vital component of your overall business strategy. Co-managed IT partners can help you design best-fit systems that combine technology and talent to deliver reliable, measurable outcomes.
  • Workload distribution – Co-managed IT services can help even out your workload. These agencies offer experienced staff, 24/7 monitoring, and dedicated helpdesks, helping you distribute vital tasks better.
  • Access to advanced technology – From device life-cycle management solutions and software to customer service to asset management, you’ll access cutting-edge solutions to address enterprise needs at scale.

Notably, co-managed IT functions look different for each company. For instance, some businesses may use their in-house team for helpdesk support and depend on an external IT partner for large-scale security and strategies, or vice versa. What’s more, co-managed designs are flexible to match your changing needs and resources.

How Co-Managed IT Services Benefit your Vancouver Business

Here’s how you stand to benefit by partnering with an award-winning co-managed IT firm in Vancouver:

Affordable High Tech Solutions 

Normally, the cloud’s most significant advantage is savings on equipment, where you’ll pay a monthly fee for another company’s infrastructure. But this means reduced control over your company data. Co-managed IT lets you enjoy the best of both worlds. You’ll get more efficient and faster services at reduced costs since you’ll be handling some of the tasks.

24/7 Helpdesk Support

A combined approach to IT ensures 24/7 help desk support. This is also possible with an in-house team, but you’ll need qualified and competent staff for the job and lots of time. Since most co-managed IT plans feature this service, your staff will always have someone outside the organization to guide them at no extra cost.

Ongoing Comprehensive Support

Beyond the normal, it’s incredibly stressful for IT workers to navigate the unknown. A readily available, outsourced IT resource with vast knowledge and experience is a valuable resource that you should access at all times. The support spans from day-to-day activities to handling deployments, emergency services, and upgrades.

Access to Skilled Staff

All IT departments have workers with varying skillsets and experience. Unfortunately, in most cases, the most knowledgeable staff usually “babysit” their less competent partners, leading to time wastage and reduced productivity. A co-managed approach to IT doesn’t require a large in-house team. Instead, your staff will access a pool of top-notch professionals ready to assist them with any problem.

Top Tier Security and Management

An outsourced team is focused on ensuring zero data interference or tech failure, offering a more secure environment for servers and continuous maintenance to prevent data breaches or service interruption. In an era where security is key to your overall IT strategy, you need a well-versed and skilled tech expert available in a snap.

A co-managed IT partner will keep you ahead of emerging security threats and assure you of the best protection possible.

More Negotiation Space

A cloud service provider offers a ready-made product with limited chances of customizing the solution, even if you’re choosing between restricted pre-made plans. On the other hand, a co-managed approach comes with additional versatility and customizations that allow you to negotiate terms. At the same time, it’s a cheaper option.

You’re in Safe Hands

Your Vancouver business has a lot to gain by partnering with a reliable co-managed IT company. As you consider outsourcing a section of your IT to an MSP (managed service provider), take your time to evaluate your capabilities and current capacity and explore the available options.

Experienced and well-versed IT professionals at Compunet will gladly guide you through the options. You can count on them for transparent, honest insights and pricing. In addition, the professionals will meet you at your current position and help you reach where you wish to go. We’ll help you with the following:

  • Evaluation and implementation of affordable tech solutions that can deliver quantifiable business value
  • Creation and deployment of IT governance and processes in line with industry regulations
  • Ensuring strategic alignment to meet your organization’s tech needs and keep you at par with industry standards
  • Provision of continuous and immediate end-user support

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