5 Benefits of Using Microsoft Office 365 for Businesses

Efficiency is crucial for any organization. You can collaborate, communicate and create seamlessly to make your business more effective. Having the tools to work from anywhere allows your organization to compete with other businesses in your sector. Office 365 has tools to make you productive, like Exchange, Excel, Sharepoint, Word, Teams, and much more. You can access it from anywhere and on any device since it is cloud-based. The tools in Office 365 work together seamlessly and it’s a must-have for businesses. Microsoft Office 365 offers great benefits to both large and small businesses in Vancouver. Here are the benefits your organization gets when you begin using Microsoft Office 365.

Ability to work from anywhere

With Microsoft Office 365, you are not tied to one place, but can carry your work anywhere. The only thing you need is an internet connection, and you can work from anywhere. Microsoft 365 is cloud-based and allows you to access files, emails, and office programs from any location and on any device. It’s helpful especially when you have remote workers or employees who often travel and need access to company data.

Provides security and reliability

Since Microsoft Office 365 is available in the cloud, Microsoft takes all the responsibility when it comes to reliability and security. Storing your data on the cloud eliminates the cost of buying hardware for server rooms and even salary to pay staff who will operate the server room. With the cloud, disaster recovery is possible thanks to backup systems. Therefore, your IT team can utilize their time elsewhere to help other users. Microsoft Office 365 has built-in security features that will keep your company data safe. The safety features you get include:

  • Encrypted email — Ensures that no one other than the recipient reads your email.
  • Data loss prevention — You can monitor and protect your sensitive information from going out of your organization.
  • Mobile device management — Allows the IT team to control your employees’ mobile devices to keep your company information safe.
  • Advanced threat analytics — Analyses your system and alerts users of any suspicious behaviour. The threat analytics scans your emails for malicious links.

Makes it easy for users and teams to collaborate

Most businesses work in teams, so collaboration features in Office 365 will be helpful. Employees can contribute, edit a spreadsheet, document, or presentation on the same version as the person who created it.

Improved communication

Office 365 gives you tools to keep your communication centralized. With Skype for business, you can hold conference meetings and calls with external agencies from anywhere in the world. You can also use Yammer, a tool in Office 365, to post your organization’s news feed to reach all the employees. The features allow you to be in contact with individuals and teams wherever they are. Anyone can comment on a post. Therefore, it makes your work easy.

Automatic upgrades to Microsoft Office 365

You never have to worry about compatibility issues when working with Microsoft Office 365. You can work with Outlook, Excel, and Word without installing any software. The upgrades in Microsoft Office 365 are done automatically. You don’t have to worry about manually upgrading your software to the latest version. You’ll have the latest version of your application without any extra cost. Microsoft sends you the information on the latest products. You don’t have to worry about implementing upgrades.

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