Yes, we do! Whatever industry your business is in, your survival depends on having a workable business continuity plan in place. There are disasters which can befall any type of company, and which come unannounced, and often at significant cost. That is, unless you have things like Datto business continuity technology working for you.

No matter the size or market sector of your enterprise represents, having a viable business continuity and disaster recovery plan in place is an absolute must when doing computer-networked business in the 21st Century.

What kinds of disasters do I need to plan for?

Disasters of all kinds can happen to any business entity at any time, and routinely cause significant financial and/or data loss to organizations of all sizes. If you don’t have a solid disaster recovery and continuity plan in place, you could be opening your business venture up to costly liability.

It’s a fact that a single minute of data center downtime costs business organizations significantly. And, the bigger the organization, the more financial loss you’ll suffer when disaster strikes you without having proper business continuity planning in place. Such disasters can include:

  • Cyber breach or attack
  • Technological failure
  • Natural disasters like fires, earthquakes or floods
  • Power outages
  • Human-caused disasters

What can you tell me about Datto and its data backup and restoration technology?

Datto began in 2007 and since then has maintained a 300% annual growth rate. Datto products are built from the ground up as reliable business continuity solutions, and has options that fit businesses of any size.

You can safely protect your business data center with advanced Datto technology. This will shield your IT infrastructure from costly downtime, even when your hardware has been damaged or destroyed.

Does your business rely on cloud-stored data? Datto can protect your critical data from the most prevalent form of loss – human error or misconduct. Accidental deletions, ex-employees, even malicious activity is covered by Datto backup technology. Datto hardware allows you to instantly restore accounts and data so your business can return to normal.

Datto’s Instant Virtualization technology, for one, virtualizes systems either locally on the Datto appliance or remotely in a Datto secure cloud — within seconds. It also allows a protected system to be virtualized and hosted either locally on a Datto BDR appliance (SIRIS), or remotely in the secure Datto SIRIS or Datto ALTO Cloud in seconds.

Regardless if the recovery point is months or even years old, Datto’s DRaaS solutions stop the long RTOs caused through reconstructing backups on disk or restoring them from magnetic tape.

Can we meet with you to determine if Compunet can provide us ongoing Datto support?

Absolutely! Business owners should invest some of their valuable time in meeting with a vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer) and Datto tech support team like Compunet who will also act as your ongoing Datto consultants. This will speed along the implementation of long-term, effective business continuity planning strategies

When can we get started with a Datto business continuity plan from Compunet?

Right away! Just contact one of our Compunet agents at 1-877-822-2841 or email us at, and we can get you started on all the Datto pricing or Datto business continuity solutions and support you’ll ever need.