Business Owners Are Put into Limbo Post COVID-19

But fear not, there’s a way to push past “survival mode” and into “we’re all going to be MORE than okay” mode. We’ve done it, our clients have done it, and so can you.

If we referred to the coronavirus pandemic as a “disruption,” it would be an incredible understatement. It’s more than that. For you, as a business owner, it’s flipped your world upside down. You’ve put everything into your business, and sure, stress and uncertainty have always gone hand-and-hand with running a business. Still, the coronavirus pandemic has taken it to another level.

You fear for the survival of your business.

You fear for the well-being of your family.

And perhaps most of all, you fear for the livelihood of your employees.

After all, you’ve come to know and care for the people you employ – the people who rely on the survival of your business to earn a living. As lockdowns are lifted, things are starting to look up, right?

But you still need to continue some degree of social distancing for the foreseeable future, which means you need to continue operations outside of the office – and you need to get it right. Your typical processes and procedures still need to run smoothly, despite your employees working from home.

You may have been fortunate enough to get some aid from the government, but still, cash-flow is lower than usual due to:

  • Physical locations being shut down
  • Disruptions to supply chains
  • Changes to purchasing behavior due to economic uncertainty

Navigating uncharted waters during unprecedented times

We get it. We’re all in the same boat navigating uncharted waters together. But naturally, as a technology support company, we know the ins-and-outs of ensuring successful remote work that keeps operations as efficient as they would be in the office. You can follow our guidance and achieve the same results we, and many of our clients, have been able to achieve:

  1. Working from home seamlessly with operations as efficient as they were in the office
  2. Eliminating the stress and uncertainty, you feel over the livelihood of your employees
  3. Giving your team some peace of mind knowing their employment isn’t at risk
  4. Continuing to add to your bottom line, despite economic uncertainty
  5. And lastly, cutting costs associated with running and maintaining office space

Here’s how it’s done

It’s all about moving to the cloud. It sounds so simple, and truthfully, it IS so simple. It’s a straightforward migration of your data, applications, and systems into the cloud for any time, anywhere access AND the added benefit of keeping your team members safe against cybercrime through built-in security measures:

  • Encryption
  • Threat monitoring
  • Data backups
  • And more

Our team, alongside our clients, works remotely via cloud computing to ensure we have the access we need, alongside:

  • 99.999% uptime
  • Greater peace of mind
  • No worries about upgrades or updates – they’re done automatically
  • More productivity due to enterprise-grade collaboration capabilities
  • And of course, less costs as you pay for what you use with no upfront expenses

It’s time to push past survival mode

Get in touch with us to get started:

  1. Book a meeting with our cloud experts
  2. Choose the right migration path for you
  3. Sleep well at night knowing you’re going to be MORE than okay – you’re going to prosper through this.

We look forward to working with you.

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