Accounting software often requires IT expertise. Here’s how we can help.

Working with a team of IT accounting experts will help your Vancouver accounting firm stay protected and get the most out of your accounting software and technology.

Accounting firms across Vancouver depend on specific software and technology solutions to keep their businesses running efficiently while also remaining compliant with continually changing regulations. With advances in software, firms are finding that it is easier than ever to collect and store data, collaborate, and stay up to date on tax and audit requirements.

Yet, with upgrades and changes to technology comes the need to find better solutions to secure and safeguard your clients’ data. In-house servers and single station software aren’t necessarily the best options anymore, and updating to more advanced storage and security can be challenging, especially when it comes to some of Canada’s leading accounting software.

Setting Up CaseWare Software at Your Accounting Firm

Ever since opening its doors in Toronto over 30 years ago, CaseWare International has provided leading technology and software solutions for accounting firms across Canada and globally. The company released its first version of CaseWare Working Papers in 1989, a desktop program that allows firms to plan, perform, and review audits digitally, eliminating the need for paper files.

Over the past 30 years, Working Papers has expanded and developed to become one of the most used accounting software tools across the globe—and it would come as no surprise if that is the software utilized at your firm. One thing many Vancouver accounting firms struggle with, however, is safeguarding Working Papers data, integrating different technologies, and setting up the often complex data storage solutions that are available.

The Complexities of Data Store

Most firms using Working Papers work from a Personal Data Store, the default setting when Working Papers is first launched. This only allows one user at one workstation to access the document management and engagement features that the program offers.

CaseWare offers a collaboration option called Data Store Administration, yet even this solution is riddled with complexities. Data Store allows multiple users to connect to the same users, global groups, Tracker settings, and file lists. According to the company, the Data Store option, however, is “Intended for use by an administrator with a fairly high level of IT experience”.

Most CPAs and firms are geared toward providing the highest level of accounting knowledge and services to their clients and are not able to put time and energy into gaining—or recruiting—the level of IT expertise that CaseWare data store and other solutions require.

Getting the most out of your firm’s software, however, doesn’t have to be an unending obstacle. Protecting your company’s data and effectively setting up your CaseWare software starts with finding the right IT partner.

Effective Storage and IT Solutions

Compunet Infotech has been providing IT support and services to Vancouver-based accounting firms since the advent of CaseWare’s Working Papers software. Instead of approaching your firm with generic IT knowledge, we offer complete experience with the specific software, technology, programs, and unique requirements of Vancouver accountants.

While providing the expertise necessary to correctly set up data storage and network collaboration for programs such as Working Papers, we also help accounting firms prepare for future growth and technological advances. According to Accounting Today, over half of small to midsize firms have already begun using cloud-based software, and many more plan to implement cloud solutions in the coming months. Part of that transition to new options, faster access, and better collaboration requires an understanding of your firm’s unique systems, processes, and devices.

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