Why Your Architecture Company Should Be Harnessing Cloud Solutions

An exploration of Cloud benefits for Canadian architects

There’s no doubt that most of today’s Canadian architects have heard of the Cloud and of the potential benefits it offers. However, what many don’t know is how exactly the Cloud can be harnessed, deployed, and optimized in the architecture space.

Many Canadian architects put off the idea of migration, because, let’s face it: change can be downright terrifying. Especially for busy Canadian architects who are focused on developing innovative creations that shape our world as we know it.

However, what many architecture professionals forget to consider is that Cloud solutions are designed to help them spend less time managing tedious technology and more time designing beautiful creations for their clients.

Outsourcing business tech and application resources to the Cloud can be a game-changer for architects across Canada. Tapping into the Cloud opens a whole new world of possibilities, software, and optimizing solutions that will help bring your architecture firm to the next level.

So, we’ve put together a no-nonsense guide that outlines the key benefits of Cloud solutions for Canadian architects. Read on to gain insight on every last competitive advantage that Cloud solutions will offer your Canadian architecture firm.

  1. No Expensive Installation & No Tedious Maintenance

Because Cloud solutions are deployed over the internet, most Cloud software can be implemented and deployed in a matter of minutes. You’re not required to install any ‘home base’ on your computer or any of your staff devices. No bulky hardware required, you just log into your online account and you’re in business.

Simply put, Cloud solutions are designed as SaaS applications, meaning not only do you get to avoid the installation nightmare, basic network maintenance responsibilities disappear too! Product updates, bug fixes, and all other network maintenance tasks are taken care of by your chosen SaaS Cloud provider. This is a huge benefit for busy and creative-minded architects – and a benefit that could save hours if not days of work on an annual basis.

  1. Scalability & Flexibility

Another great benefit that the Cloud offers, is unlimited scalability and increased flexibility. There really is nothing more frustrating for an architect than trying to navigate daily work with a computer and network infrastructure that is slowly growing out of its capacity. This results in slow software performance, lost or corrupted data, and frustrating hits to productivity.

Cloud solutions, on the other hand, allow you to grow as fast as you want and your platform follows your lead in terms of performance capacity. The great thing is, Cloud providers allow you to pay for what you get – and adding or removing services, features, or storage space is seamless. As your architecture firm grows, your Cloud solutions follow suit under your direction. There’s no easier way to say it: just like your firm, Cloud solutions are prepared for growth and development.

  1. Anywhere, Anytime Accessibility

Another huge Cloud benefit for Canadian architecture professionals is the anywhere, anytime accessibility that Cloud solutions offer. Hosted completely virtually on the web, Cloud software resources are available and accessible anywhere and anytime you need them. You access them through your browser, from wherever you are.

No longer do you have to worry about forwarding a screenshot or business attachments from your business email to your personal email so you can review it on the road or at home. Your design and communication resources are now available anywhere, anytime.

Even better? Cloud solutions are designed to be fully integrated with all your business devices – including mobile devices and tablets. Cloud solutions for architects work seamlessly and offer full integration capabilities with your entire team’s network of smartphones and mobile tablets.

This is especially useful for traveling back and forth between client meetings, construction sites, and the architecture office. No matter where you and your team are, your Cloud resources are available via any internet-connected device meaning you can check invoices, gather field data, reference blueprints, or track project process – all on the go. This is an incredibly powerful benefit that allows you and your team to save time and avoid administrative setbacks.

  1. Strong & Dynamic Continuity Protections

There is perhaps nothing more important than protecting and backing up your critical project data. Hopefully, you’ve never experienced a hard drive crash, but if you have, you know how devastating it can be to lose critical and valuable architecture data. Further, if you’ve ever lost any kind of data – you know how critical strategic backup solutions are in the protection of your firm’s continuity.

One of the best things about Cloud solutions for Canadian architects is that the implementation and management of redundant backup solutions are taken care of automatically and behind the scenes! Cloud providers take on the responsibility of making sure ALL your firm data is safely backed up, in more than one location.

For busy architects who don’t have the time to select and implement nightly backup mechanisms, automatic Cloud backup solutions are a dream come true. It means that you don’t have to think twice about your data – all your crucial data, photographs, field reports, blueprints, contact details, contracts and everything else are automatically backed-up and protected. This means, even in the worst case scenario, you’ll be able to rebound quickly with all your data ready to restore.

  1. Collaboration & Productivity

Cloud solutions also make productive teamwork a breeze. Cloud services for Canadian architects allow all your team members to easily access firm resources and collaborate in real time over your virtual network. Gone are the days of emailing files back and forth and ending up with 20 outdated versions. Say goodbye to your pesky flash drive – in fact, just leave it at home. No matter the Cloud solution you choose, working together, remotely and on the same projects and files is easy and efficient.

And it doesn’t just stop at local teamwork, either. The Cloud makes it possible for you to take advantage of remote work opportunities more seamlessly. Have a business meeting with an international client or vendor? Want to connect with an employee whose working from home or on the road? The Cloud makes an instant connection, across the globe, easier than ever.

Finally, the Cloud offers additional productive power in its ability to optimize of a variety of other tedious business tasks. Everything from translations, content writing, email filtering, appointment and schedule management, prospect management and more is streamlined and made easy in the Cloud.

  1. Customizable Pricing Options

One of the best parts about Cloud solutions is that they’re provided on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ and ‘pay-for-what-you-need’ pricing model. This makes it easy for Canadian architecture firms of all sizes to find an affordable and value-based Cloud pricing model to suit their needs. Even better, scalability is easy so as your business grows, your Cloud platform can grow alongside you.

Even better? Most Cloud services are billed using a predictable monthly fee. That means no upfront investment to acquire the resources or have them custom designed to meet your needs. This really is a no-brainer. No upfront investments, no commitments if you don’t like the software, and a predictable monthly cost for IT expenses. For busy Canadian architects, that’s a triple win.

Don’t Be Scared of the Cloud, But Don’t Dive Right in Without Research Either

There’s no denying that after reading the inside scoop, Cloud solutions really do offer everything Canadian architecture firms should be looking for. Increased access, productivity, and scalability, partnered with limited maintenance, strong backup solutions, and customized pricing options? What more could an architect want?

However, as with any other popular technological solution, Cloud solutions for Canadian architects are seemingly being offered by everyone. With countless solutions on the market, it can be understandably difficult for your firm to know which provider to partner with. That’s why, before you dive into the Cloud migration process, we highly recommend reaching out to a professional IT consultant for strategic insight and guidance.

Reaching out to a Cloud services professional directly can make all the difference in your migration process. The right IT consultant will help you examine the best market choices for your network needs and will help provide industry-specific strategies to make your Cloud solutions work in support of firm goals. If you’re a Canadian architecture firm looking for Cloud services, check in with a professional consultant for customized insights.

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