Cost Of IT Support For Accounting Firms In Vancouver

Running your accounting firm should not feel stressful, tedious, or overwhelming — even as you begin to expand your clientele and hire new employees. In order to keep your business running smoothly at all times, you may be considering professionally managed IT support services. Using managed IT support services for accounting firms can help you to focus on important business tasks without fretting over your online presence and how you manage your current automated systems. Before choosing an IT support package suitable for your accounting firm, learn more about estimated costs and the type of services you can expect from IT support providers that offer fitting solutions for your accounting firm’s needs.

Cost Of IT Support For Accounting Firms In Vancouver

How Much Does IT Support for Accounting Firms in Vancouver Cost?

The cost of managed IT services will greatly depend on your specific needs as well as the size of your website and the amount of traffic it receives. On average, managed IT services typically run from $90 to more than $140 each month, varying with each client and their selected package or service plan.

  • Network Support: Complete and total network support for larger accounting firms or those with an extensive online presence typically start at around $300 monthly for an all-inclusive network support solution.
  • Server Support Services: If you are seeking server support, most managed server support costs begin at $100 each month based on the size of your website, the amount of website traffic you receive, as well as the risk and current setup of your web servers.
  • Desktop Support: For those interested in ongoing desktop support for employees or even for themselves, there are third-party companies that start at $20 per desktop, although support is limited and often not thorough or personalized. Depending on your IT needs as well as the desktop setup you have in place for your computers and your business, desktop support can cost upwards of $300 per desktop computer or device on a monthly basis.
  • Security and Cybersecurity: With the rise of cyberspace breaches, data theft, and online hacking, investing in the protection of your client’s data and personal information could never be more important. Exposing the data of your clients to the public can be devastating with lifelong consequences resulting in the loss of your business and livelihood without proper precautions put into place. Security and cybersecurity services typically cost accounting firms in the Vancouver area upwards of $500 to help minimize risk and prevent hacking attempts or data breaches.

What Is Included With Managed IT Support Services?

Customization of Services

If you are in the market for managed IT services and support, it is important to remember that the cost of the services you require for your accounting firm will vary based on complexity as well as scale. Not all managed IT services for accounting are the same, which is why it is advisable to compare your options, research specific features that will benefit you, and consider an ala-carte solution if possible.

Cost Factors to Keep in Mind

Determining the cost of IT support for an accounting firm requires a bit of planning and a few considerations. If you are just getting started with a local accounting firm, your managed IT services and the IT assistance you require will likely be minimal, resulting in a lower monthly cost for maintenance and ongoing support. When you are in the process of weighing your options, consider the following:

  • Hiring a Full-Time, In-House Employee: Opting to hire a full-time, in-house employee to help manage the IT services necessary for your accounting firm in Vancouver can run you upwards of $55,000 to more than $100,000 annually, not including any benefits you may provide.
  • Break and Fix Method: You can also choose to hire an IT tech professional or specialist each time you encounter an issue with your accounting firm’s servers, website, or even your business accounting software. However, it is important to keep in mind that paying for an on-call IT tech specialist can cost you anywhere between $100 and $400. Additionally, hiring an on-demand IT tech professional may also require you to pay for travel costs as well as any other software or materials required while on the job.
  • Managed IT Services: Choosing managed IT services and support for your accounting firm may not seem necessary when you have yet to encounter an IT or tech-related issue. However, managed IT services can come in handy as the service is ongoing, and IT professionals will have more time to familiarize themselves with your accounting firm and overall business model. When you have managed IT services, you can relax knowing that your servers are protected and that your website is updated at all times. Opting for managed IT services is typically cost-effective over time as opposed to paying thousands for fewer on-demand appointments or in-house employees.

What Makes Your Business Different?

When calculating and determining the IT support services you require for your accounting firm in Vancouver, it is important to consider what makes your business different and unique from your current competitors. Consider the following once you begin the process of comparing the costs of IT support providers in the Vancouver area:

  • How large is my accounting firm’s website and how many of my clients store and access information from my website?
  • How many servers am I currently using to host my accounting firm’s website, and will I require more in the near future?
  • How many employees work for me, both in-house as well as remotely?
  • What technology or CMS (Central Management System), if any, is currently in place?
  • How much network monitoring am I looking for with IT support in Vancouver?
  • How important is it for me to protect my accounting firm website with the latest advances in cybersecurity and encryption?
  • Will I require new servers or software in order to implement the IT support I need?
  • Do I require additional hardware or software to receive the IT support required to protect my users’ data?

All of these questions and factors must be considered when searching for IT support for your accounting firm in Vancouver. Once you have a better understanding of your firm’s needs and the needs of your clients, finding an IT support provider that will work with you becomes much easier.

Using managed IT support services is a way to spend more time focusing on your clientele, managing your records, and spreading the word about the accounting services you offer. When you have a managed IT support provider in place for your accounting firm, the opportunities will become virtually endless as you continue to expand, grow, and scale.