Law Firms And COVID-19

Canada is Gradually Setting Up More and More Restrictions as Cases Continue to Rise. Now’s The Time To Embrace Remote Work to Keep You and Your Staff Safe.

For the average law firm, coronavirus brings about a range of concerns – from keeping your attorneys healthy and safe to advising clients on how to respond when an employee tests positive or doesn’t want to come into work. Naturally, it’s a difficult time for individuals and businesses around the world. Many law firms are taking the time to help their clients navigate through uncertain legal waters.

The Canadian Government has offered plenty of recommendations for how to prepare for the coronavirus pandemic – but they’re all relating to health and safety. This is important, but what about law firms that need to continue serving their clients despite social distancing and shelter-in-place requirements? How do you continue to operate as efficiently as ever from home?

How Can Law Firms Embrace the Concept of Remote Work If They’re Not Already Doing So?

It’s time to embrace remote work. For many law firms, this is relatively easy as attorneys are used to accessing files, documents, and other information at home. If you’re not already set up for remote work, here are a few tips:

  1. Use a VPN also known as a virtual private network that lets you connect to the network via a secure, encrypted tunnel.
  2. Switch to VoIP also known as voice over IP that gives you access to your work line from your mobile device, as well as various enterprise-grade features.
  3. Leverage a cloud-based productivity suite like Microsoft Office 365 that gives you the ability to collaborate with real-time file sharing, editing, and video chat.
  4. Move legal applications to the cloud so you’re able to continue leveraging your line-of-business applications no matter where you are.

Remember, it’s crucial to have a good internet connection with enough bandwidth to accommodate your workload. Otherwise, you won’t be able to work productively. If you need a hand getting set up, get in touch with us.

How Can Law Firms Help Their Clients Navigate Through Uncertain Legal Waters?

From responding to when an employee tests positive to determining which contractual obligations can be voided, many businesses and individuals alike have complex legal matters they need to handle during this difficult time. Law firms must be available and ready to help their clients navigate through uncertain legal waters. We recommend gaining a thorough understanding of some of the many employment and OHS issues your clients are facing as soon as possible – giving you the ability to act as a trusted advisor during the pandemic.

Canadian Lawyer, a fantastic resource for law firms throughout the country, is hosting an online series about steering employers through crisis times. We urge you to register for their upcoming webinar on March 31, 2020: Servicing Clients’ Employment Law Needs in a COVID-19 Landscape.

During the online series, they’ll cover a range of issues relating to employment law, safety, and much more. On the agenda for the upcoming webinar is the following:

  • The top employment and OHS questions clients are asking
  • Updates on the latest laws and regulatory changes from all levels of governments
  • The legal nuances of remote work and accommodations an employer must provide
  • Practical advice for keeping client information secure while working remotely
  • And much more

Attendees will be able to submit their most pressing legal questions to a panel of industry experts during the online session. If you haven’t registered yet, click here.

One Thing is Certain: Businesses Need Legal Guidance During This Difficult Time…

Although it’s hard to say how long social distancing and shelter-in-place requirements will remain in effect, we know one thing is certain: businesses are facing massive disruptions, and in turn, need legal guidance they can trust during this difficult time. The first step is being prepared to work remotely. The second step is being fully aware of the legal implications associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Need Help Getting Setup to Work Remotely? Contact Compunet InfoTech at (604) 986-8170. Need to Get Up-to-Date on the Legal Implications Your Clients Are Facing? Register for Canadian Lawyer’s Upcoming Webinar Here.