Compunet Provides Managed IT Services & Tech Support For Vancouver Financial Service Firms

Technology is a vital aspect of the financial services world. Computers and software are used to calculate and file returns, track market changes, move money, manage customer information, and much more. Because of the ever-changing use of technology in the financial world, your Vancouver financial service firm has unique technology and security requirements.

Since your IT infrastructure is vital to performing the day-to-day activities required to provide service for your clients, you need reliable IT support financial services to allow your company to maintain trust with your clients and help you achieve your fullest potential. Check out these five reasons your financial services firm can benefit from an IT company in Vancouver.

Your Customers Demand Security

Your company’s computer and server will hold a lot of vital financial information that you will use to make financial transactions on the client’s behalf and help them file tax forms and other financial documents. You will also be handling private correspondence that can include sensitive information. This means an attack on your system can be costly to your firm in terms of lost clients, lost opportunities, and even the risk of a lawsuit.

Since financial firms are vulnerable to attack, you need an IT service company that can stay on top of threats by providing you with the software you need to prevent attacks and monitoring to let you know when a threat is detected. Your IT form should:

  • Provide you with robust, up-to-date malware, antivirus software, and spam blocking services that are regularly updated.
  • Provide protection with ransomware and antiphishing services.
  • Have services for email archiving and secure storage.
  • Provide web filtering software that can block suspicious web content and provide monitoring to increase employee productivity.
  • Implement a managed firewall configuration that blocks malicious traffic while allowing you to operate programs necessary to the operation of your company.
  • Offer wireless security protocols to create a secure wireless setup for your company and protect remote access device.
  • Perform a vulnerability analysis to analyze weak spots and come up with a plan to monitor and strengthen possible vulnerabilities.

Downtime Can Be Costly

When a system goes down in any company, the downtime can be troublesome and costly, but when you experience downtime with a financial services company, it can be devastatingly such. As a financial firm, you have deadlines that need to be made and transactions that need to occur sometimes in a matter of moments. This makes even the smallest amount of downtime put you at risk for not only losing money but also losing clients. When choosing IT services financial firms you need to make sure they provide:

  • 24/7 monitoring support so that they can detect and resolve issues before they result in problems or a downed system.
  • 24/7 help desk support to allow you to contact knowledgeable tech support staff to rectify any problems you may encounter such as a slowed or malfunctioning system.

Information Needs to Be Backed Up and Easy to Recover

The information that you hold, maintain and utilize for your clients is vital. Whether you perform accounting services, investment services, or financial planning, your clients expect you to protect and hold their information as well as make it available when they need it. Being able to recover documents quickly and easily can prevent costly problems such as late fees and penalties, or missed opportunities. Your IT company should offer:

  • Disaster avoidance solutions to help safeguard your data in the event of a natural disaster or even human error.
  • Both onsite and offsite backup options that keep your information secure, in compliance with financial regulations, and easy to re-access in the event the system goes down.

Privacy is Important to Your Clientele

Your clients entrust your company with important personal and private information. Information such as account numbers, social security numbers, financial holdings, and other tax required information can all be vulnerable to attacks for those looking to steal money as well as identities. The property they entrust you with is in effect intellectual property, and it should be protected as such not only to protect your clients against attack but ensure their trust so you can retain their business. You need an IT firm that will:

  • Make sure every part of your system from remote devices to email is protected against viruses, ransomware, spam, and malware.
  • Knows the industry compliance regulations and provides you with the protection you need to follow those rules.

You Don’t Have Time to Worry About Your Infrastructure

Your financial service firm has enough to worry about when it comes to performing your business duties and ensuring your clients are satisfied. This means you need to spend less time worrying about your companies IT issues and focus on what you do best. When choosing a reliable IT support company, look for one that:

  • Can offer your an IT plan that works with your budget and the specific needs of your firm whether it is paying for services when you need them or opting for a monthly all-encompassing plan.
  • Can provide consulting service that can allow you and your staff to make the most of your technology systems and provide you with advice on how to improve your infrastructure, your operations, and your client’s satisfaction.

Having a reliable IT support company is vital to the security protection and day-to-day operation of your Vancouver financial services firm. When choosing an IT firm, you need one that can keep you secure, help you stay in compliance, provide the privacy your clients want and need, and guide you on the services you can utilize to improve your business operations and continue to grow your company.