Have You Heard About the Latest Fraud Attempt That Takes Over Your Phone?

A few days ago, my brother received a text from his cell phone provider, FIDO, asking him to contact them if he really wants to transfer his phone to another provider. He ignored the text – thinking it must be spam. Two days later, his phone was transferred from FIDO to BELL. During that time, hackers were able to access all of his accounts that required multi-factor authentication, in order to change the passwords.

This is a new type of fraud that involves hackers requesting your phone provider to transfer your phone to another provider. Please be aware that you MUST stay vigilant, and if you receive a phone message or text from your provider, pay attention to it because it might be legitimate. It’s always best to call them directly and ask about any message or text you’re unsure about.

Feel free to send this video to your friends, family, and clients so they’re aware of this ongoing fraud, and in the meantime, call me anytime with any questions or concerns at (604) 986-8170 .