Fortify Your IT Department with Co-Managed IT Services in Vancouver

Need to reinforce your in-house IT department with additional manpower, resources, and skills? Hiring more IT professionals is a viable option in such a scenario. But is it the best cause of action? Think of all the costly expenses associated with bringing in new staff – hefty salaries, onboarding, training, employee benefits, etc. New employees may also bring inconveniencing challenges like fitting in, poor time management, absenteeism due to sickness, etc.

What if we told you there’s a more efficient way to reinforce your existing IT team without enduring all the expenses and difficulties of hiring and onboarding new staff? That’s right; with co-managed IT services, you get the additional workforce, skills, resources that your in-house team needs to optimize their IT responsibilities.

Curious to learn more? Keep scrolling to discover what co-managed IT services are, why your IT department needs them, and how your organization can benefit from the same.

What are Co-Managed IT Services?

Co-managed IT is a management arrangement where your organization partners with outside experts, who supplement your internal staff in a shared responsibility model. It’s usually preferred for organizations that don’t want to outsource their entire IT functions to a third-party provider. As such, the internal team works hand-in-hand with the co-managed service provider to ensure that all your technical and operational needs are met. Overall, it’s a cost-effective means of boosting your staffing levels while bringing in new skills and resources.

Why does Your IT Department need Co-Managed IT Services Support?

As we mentioned in the section above, a co-managed IT services arrangement is a cost-effective way of bolstering your in-house IT team. Please note, however, that partnering with a co-managed team doesn’t, in any way, jeopardize your in-house team’s jobs. On the contrary, the outside team is only interested in helping your IT staff look like heroes by bringing in new expertise, tools, and services needed to overcome technology more efficiently.

That said, here’s a highlight of the top signs your IT department needs co-managed IT services support:

  • Your IT department expenses are exorbitant.
  • Your in-house team uses outdated technology solutions that take a toll on their productivity and efficiency.
  • The department is understaffed and overworked.
  • You’re ready to take on a new project that’s new to your in-house team.
  • You want the team to focus on meeting the day-to-day IT needs rather than worrying about more technical tasks like cybersecurity compliance, systems patching, cloud migration, etc.
  • Your internal team lacks the expertise and advanced tools to protect your organization against cyber threats.

What are the Benefits of Co-Managed IT Services?

A Co-managed IT services arrangement benefits your business the same way as a fully outsourced setup does. Only this time, you also get to retain control over a part of your IT functions, letting your in-house team focus on their area of expertise.

Here are a few reasons your business should consider partnering with a reliable co-managed IT services provider to supplement your IT department:

Affordable Access to More Skilled IT Professionals

You may have one of the best in-house IT teams, but that doesn’t mean they’re experts in every technology need. For instance, the team may be excellent in almost every other docket but cybersecurity. However, hiring a permanent security analyst may be too costly for your organization. But guess what? You can access the most reliable cybersecurity and other specialized services without breaking the bank, thanks to a co-management arrangement.

Around-the-Clock Support

We live in a 24-hour economy, and it’s critical to keep business systems optimal and protected at all times. Imagine reporting to work in the morning and discovering that the server crashed overnight, yet there was no one to correct the issue since your in-house IT team also subscribes to the 9-5 routine. That means operations will stall for some time, leading to lost productivity and lost revenue as the team grapples with fixing the IT challenge.

Good news: you can avoid such disappointments by contracting a trusted MSP to provide co-managed IT services 24/7. Your external experts can always cover for the internal team during after-hours by monitoring the IT systems and infrastructure to eliminate vulnerabilities, thwart cyber threats, minimize downtime, etc., enhancing business continuity.

Cost-Saving Opportunities

Partnering with a co-managed IT services provider causes several cost-saving opportunities for your company. For starters, you won’t incur any expenses linked to hiring new employees like recruitment, salary, employee benefits, (re)training, and onboarding. Also, having only a handful of employees on-site translates to saving on the cost of acquiring resources like office space, furniture and work devices.

And the greatest cost-saving opportunity? Your co-managed experts use their tools and even provide the in-house team with extra resources. Plus, you’ll no longer have to take care of costs like software updates, acquiring new hardware for the co-managed team, etc.

Enhanced Security Posture

Entering into co-management is like acquiring two-factor authentication, i.e., adding an extra layer of security to your already existing protection plan. In addition, the co-managed team brings in the best in class tools and services like vulnerability management, endpoint protection, system monitoring, and more.

At the same time, the in-house team maintains control over different IT security management aspects while working closely with the co-managed experts. So with two active layers of protection in place, it becomes almost impossible for ill-intended intruders to compromise your system or steal sensitive data.

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