When Haddock & Company Lawyers, a leading law practice group, was looking for reliable IT support and a comprehensive business continuity solution, Compunet was the right IT support company to ensure the reliability and security of their IT infrastructure and data.

Haddock & Company Lawyers is a recognized law practice group that delivers legal services to residential housing providers, such as strata corporations, housing co-operatives, condominiums, housing corporations, Indian lands corporations, landlords, and free hold fractional interest housing corporations.

The Situation: A Need for Consistent IT Support and a Comprehensive Business Continuity Solution to Eliminate Technology Worries

When Haddock & Company Lawyers was tired of worrying about their IT systems and data, they decided to reach out to Compunet for consistent IT support and a comprehensive business continuity solution.

Grant Haddock, founder of Haddock & Company Lawyers, explained their decision to outsource their IT: “I didn’t know anything about computers so we had to search for an IT company. I’d rather make money doing what I’m good at while paying someone else to do what they’re good at.”

The Resolution: A Proactive Vancouver IT Support Company That Provides IT Services & Support to Meet Their Business Requirements and Budget 

Compunet provides a wide range of services to meet their business requirements and budget, including:

  • A comprehensive business continuity solution to keep their data and IT systems recoverable in the event of a disaster.
  • Reliable on-site and remote IT support to address all of their IT-related questions, concerns, or issues.
  • 24/7 monitoring and maintenance to keep their technology up and running around-the-clock while eliminating disruptions and downtime.

In addition, Compunet is in the process of moving certain aspects of their IT infrastructure to the cloud, in order to improve communication, collaboration, and productivity for their staff members.

Grant offered some valuable insight into the benefits of working with Compunet: “They go above and beyond our expectations. They immediately respond to all of our emails and they’re always available, even on weekends. I would and have recommended them to a few law firms. They take care of the headaches – it’s one less thing to worry about! If something happens, they’re on it right away.

To learn more about our IT services and support, give us a call at (604) 986-8170 or send us an email at info@compunet.ca. Compunet is here to help you ensure the reliability and security of your IT systems and data.