Access Case Information From Anywhere

Managing clients, cases, employees, deadlines, and ultimately, your firm is a HUGE job. But the cloud is making it easier and more streamlined than ever before with solo and small law firms leading the way in terms of migrations.

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Why are solo and small law firms starting to look towards cloud computing to improve the way they serve clients?

A private cloud hosts their documents, software, and email – allowing them to avoid the headache of dealing with servers and the ongoing costly maintenance that comes with them! You can host the following in a private cloud:

  • Tabs3
  • Time Matters
  • PCLaw
  • ProLaw
  • PracticeMaster
  • Worldox
  • And much more

In fact, most legal software can be hosted in a private cloud to give you anytime, anywhere access from any device. Itโ€™s managed around-the-clock to make it more reliable, secure, and of course, economical as youโ€™re only paying for what you use.

Letโ€™s talk about how a private cloud solution can help you improve the way you serve your clients. Compunet is Vancouver’s top legal IT services company.