A Revolutionary Change: Microsoft 365 for Vancouver Law Firms

For a busy law firm that always has to deal with the unexpected, taking advantage of all the tools and resources available to streamline as well as increase productivity is crucial. Uninterrupted innovations in cloud services and software are paving the way for businesses across all industries to excel. One vital productivity tool that is beginning to shake up the legal industry is Microsoft 365.

For a law firm, it is becoming progressively important to incorporate cloud computing into daily processes. Not only will cloud computing services optimize your firm’s daily operations. But they will also allow your legal team to provide better support for all clients.

Cloud computing has altered the way Vancouver law firms(small, mid-size, and large) operate. Cloud computing gives firms an increased level of reliability, mobile, as well as security. And it allows law firms to step away from managing IT operations and step back into practicing law.

What is Microsoft 365?

It’s Microsoft’s collection of key applications and services. This collection includes the tools you have grown to expect such as word processing and spreadsheets. However, it also includes more recent applications that are geared towards communication and collaboration. Microsoft 365 includes a variety of solutions.

One of its major advantages is its accessibility. Microsoft 365’s applications will no longer take up an excessive amount of space on your systems; they are now part of a cloud service. What will this mean for your law firm? This means the important tools and documents you need will follow you wherever you go. A direct advantage for Vancouver law firms.

Using Microsoft 365 for Your Law Firm

Microsoft has different business and enterprise plans available to select from. The plan you select will come down to a variety of factors. Including the size of your law firm and your needs. All Microsoft 365 plans will include access to the basic functions of PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and will require a yearly subscription. The range of cloud-based tools as well as services you will get with a subscription to Microsoft 365 will give you unparalleled value.

The use of a tool like OneDrive, Contacts, Word, as well as Outlook, is elemental to your law firm’s daily activities. Including client communication, contact management, and the creation of documents. If you are currently using a separate suite of office tools, you can easily make the transition to the cloud with Microsoft 365.

What Plan Does My Law Firm Need?

When selecting your Microsoft 365 plan, you can decide to choose a basic plan that will focus on cloud storage solutions. Or a more advanced plan that will include tools and resources that will allow for easier communication and collaboration. Choosing Microsoft 365 Business is a great move. If you want to keep a watchful eye on your budget while accessing some leading features of Microsoft 365.

On the other hand, if you want to take full advantage of the cloud-based tools, you will want to opt for Microsoft 365 Enterprise option. This solution will offer unlimited data and mail storage. Microsoft 365 Enterprise plans will also allow your law firm to improve its interaction and collaboration efforts across all platforms. It will also provide the compliance and legal hold license requirements you will need. If you are operating a large law firm or a small law firm with a need for unlimited storage, this will be a great match.

Due to the versatile services encompassed within Microsoft 365, there is a significant amount to offer in the form of solutions for law firms. Compunet Infotech will coordinate with your law firm to establish a long-term strategy that will allow you to remain competitive.

Preparing to transform your law firm? Contact us today for more information on how Microsoft 365 can provide you with the resources you need to compete and succeed. Our team will provide your law firm with a consultation to ensure you get the most out of your solution.