Microsoft Teams & The Modern Workplace

The modern workplace is a space of near-constant collaboration, and that collaboration spans both offices and off-site locations. In order to collaborate efficiently, employees and others need a robust central platform on which communications and projects can both be shared. Microsoft Teams is the comprehensive platform the businesses need today.

Bringing Together In-Office and Remote Teams

While an in-person meeting in a conference room or at a cubicle is still beneficial, this sort of collaboration isn’t sufficient for today’s digital age. Employees, consultants and clients all need ways to communicate and share work with each other — and the collaboration must be easy to navigate and span multiple sites.

Microsoft Teams provides the easy collaboration that businesses need and extends it to anywhere with an internet connection. Whether doing something together in an office or working across multiple time zones, it’s easy to send messages and share project updates with everyone involved through the software. This is the software that brings together both in-office and remote teams.

Providing Communication and Project Sharing

Microsoft Teams multi-functionality makes it the perfect software application for comprehensive collaboration across cubicles, departments, offices and even businesses. The application isn’t just a communications tool or a document-sharing tool, but is a full-fledged software solution that’s capable of both functions.

On the communications side, team members can send messages directly to individuals on their team or all of their team members. Video conferencing is also easy to set up and use when a simple written message won’t do.

On the document-sharing side, team members can see what others are doing in real-time. Documents don’t have to be sent and received, as they do when using email. Instead, whatever documents are being worked on can be shared with others so that they have constant access to the latest version of the project. Multiple people can even make changes simultaneously for true, live teamwork.

These capabilities can be even further enhanced with the many plug-ins that are compatible. Depending on your business’ particular collaboration needs, there are lots of add-ons that can boost useability in certain ways.

Eliminating Cumbersome Emails

If your business is currently relying on email for collaboration, employees and other team members will notice a world of difference once Microsoft Teams is setup. They’ll no longer have to use their inboxes to send and receive documents, which itself streamlines the email inbox so that messages are less likely to get lost. There are a couple of even more important benefits, though.

First, the workflow of a team can be sped up as multiple people can work on a project at once. Team members don’t have to wait for one individual to do their part before others can work on a project, nor is it necessary to work on a project via separate documents and then compile those documents together. Everyone can work directly in the project document as they need to.

Second, mistakes are less likely to be made when changes are made directly in the project documents. Items are less apt to be overlooked or miscopied, which can lead to the occasional embarrassing error.

As Henry Ford said, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” That’s what Microsoft Teams helps accomplish.

Included with Many Microsoft 365 Subscriptions

Microsoft Teams is included in many Microsoft 365 subscriptions, and your business probably already has this powerful collaboration tool if you use a Microsoft suite. Assuming you have a subscription that includes the collaboration software, setup is easy and results in a significant payoff.

For help setting up Microsoft Teams or to get a Microsoft 365 subscription in Vancouver and Lower Midland, contact Compunet Infotech. An IT firm with more than 30 years of experience, we have the experience needed to help your business get the software solutions it needs — including Microsoft Teams.