Is your Vancouver law firm looking to outsource their IT services? Outsourcing your IT is beneficial in so many ways. From saving time to saving money, moving your IT to the cloud can make you happier, and more productive.

Benefits of Moving to the Cloud

  • Work Where You Want: When you move to the Cloud, you and your team can work whenever and however it best fits your schedules. This makes you—and your entire team, more productive. This allows you to stay competitive and hold on to top talent. Today’s workforce is more tech-savvy than ever, and when your files are in the cloud, they can be accessed at any time, from anywhere.
  • Spend More Time with Clients: Cloud technology allows you to focus more on your clients, and less on IT. This streamlined process boosts productivity because you no longer have to work on tech issues; you will be present for your clients (drawing in more because of your stellar client service!).
  • Enhanced Collaboration: When everything is in the Cloud, staff can edit documents in real time. They can edit documents together, at the same time, no matter where they are. If you have branch offices all over Vancouver, your staff can still collaborate on documents, even if they aren’t in the same office.
  • Document Control: Without the Cloud, staff members are often required to email documents back and forth—often with comments on revisions, feedback, etc. With the Cloud, this is all done in real time, and there is no chance of losing or missing emails. You can easily keep track of your documents, and any revisions or changes needed. You and your staff will always be working with the most current version of any document.
  • Become More Competitive: In today’s world, tech-savvy businesses come out on top. No matter what size your firm is, you can compete on an even playing field if you are using the latest in technology. Moving to the Cloud makes you more competitive and allows you to compete for bigger clients.

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