How Your Vancouver Law Firm’s Efficiency Might Soar With IT Outsourcing

Learn why more Vancouver accounting and law firms are outsourcing IT — and what your enterprise stands to gain by getting on board.  

Most law firm leaders would consider running a tight ship one of their key goals. In fast-paced business climes like Vancouver’s, however, it’s not always easy to keep up with client needs — or the rapidly evolving regulatory frameworks that govern how you serve them.

Could outsourcing IT grease the wheels of progress at your firm? Here are a few of the benefits you might reap by making the transition.

Outsourcing IT Makes Compliance Less Nightmarish

Regulatory compliance is a huge sticking point for otherwise-promising business models, especially in today’s connected times. Under rules like The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, more enterprises face the challenges of operating secure systems, reporting breaches, and maintaining oversight track records. Whether these laws impact your accounting firm, your clients, or both, complying is a non-negligible operational burden.

IT outsourcing might make your life easier. By letting you leverage technology tools and software systems that you can trust to adhere to security best practices, it lowers the risks of adopting efficient business methods. Outsourcing also reduces governance overhead by putting the responsibility on professional shoulders.

Outsourcing IT Lets You Tap Into Knowledge That Drives Profitability

Modern technical domains are highly specialized. From knowing how to create custom practice management apps to understanding when it’s better to adapt existing solutions, Vancouver law firms that want to thrive in the IT era are up against some tough choices.

Traditional IT practices may not be the answer either. In-house IT options force you to put your team members through specialized training. They also demand ongoing maintenance. Relying on independent contractors exposes you to solutions that might fall short of your corporate goals.

With outsourcing, accessing vital knowledge resources becomes far less trying. External IT delegation lets firms work with partners that deliver the correct insights at the appropriate junctions — so getting beyond problems and taking advantage of new recommendations don’t demand massive investments of effort. In a field where offering competitive services is everything, it’s worth recalling that Lee Kuan Yew noted, “If you deprive yourself of outsourcing and your competitors do not, you’re putting yourself out of business.”

Good IT Outsourcing Saves Costs Across the Board

Firms that outsource their IT work realize massive productivity gains. Instead of having to delay public-facing activities when critical systems like marketing websites or communication portals break down or fall prey to hacks, they can count on their IT service providers to have backups ready for action. When these enterprises want to upgrade their technology, they get to enjoy the benefits of smoother rollouts guided by seasoned hands.

Leaving IT to the experts takes less time because IT firms concentrate on delivering technology solutions that serve bespoke needs. Their dedication frees your staff to maintain a healthier focus. Interestingly, studies have also shown that outsourcing IT results in significant cost savings in other non-IT business areas.

Are You Ready to Outsource Your Law Firm’s IT?

IT outsourcing takes innumerable forms — your enterprise might need an all-hands-on-deck solution or help with a highly niche problem. Chatting with an accounting firm IT expert is the easiest way to decide what might best complement your business model.

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