World Architecture Day is celebrated each year on the first Monday of October. According to the Union International des Architects (UIA), the day is to “remind the world of its collective responsibility for the future of the human habitat.” While many architects look forward to a day that celebrates their architectural achievements, not many as many professionals within the Information Technology (IT) world celebrate World Architecture Day.

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World Architecture Day Is A Chance To Also Celebrate The Architectural Capabilities Of IT Professionals

This unique celebration should be a chance to revel in the manner with which architects, like IT professionals, have helped to shape today’s digitally driven world. Through the amazing innovation of architects, the world has come to know some of the most infamous buildings, which ironically are home to some of the world’s largest and most powerful IT companies. A few iconic examples that come to mind include:

  • Facebook Headquarters — In 2015 Facebook revealed its new futuristic headquarters. The goal of the building was to create a space that perfectly encapsulated the social media giant’s mission to connect people, while simultaneously providing an eco-friendly working space that encouraged collaboration. Upon its 2015 opening, Lori Goler, Chief People Officer, stated that the building, “really creates an environment where people can collaborate; they can innovate together. There’s a lot of spontaneity in the way people bump into each other, just a really fun collaborative creative space.”
  • Google San Francisco Headquarters — If Google does something, it “does it big,” and its San Francisco headquarters is no exception. This modern-day architectural wonder is a campus that uses cutting-edge products to change the ways that billions of people can use technology. Without the incredible architectural design, Google’s headquarters would not serve as the area needed for some of the latest technological advances. In fact, the entire campus, also known as the Googleplex, is designed for innovators and collaborators to work together to deliver the latest technological advances.
  • Apple Headquarters — In 2014 it was first revealed that Apple had enlisted the help of Norman Foster to design its new “spaceship” headquarters. This amazing architectural feat is to be both minimalist and modern in nature. When completed, it is hoped that the new headquarters will perfectly encapsulate the brand’s drive for connection and unity, as is seen through the circular and interconnected nature of its physical building.

The aforementioned buildings are a testament to the manner with which architects help to transform the digital missions of IT giants into concrete entities that can be physically viewed. With this comparison in mind, it is important that IT professionals remember to recognize their own role as architects within the digital sector. After all, just as a building architect must discover new ways to realize his or her vision, so too must IT professionals create connections, build blueprints, and inevitably determine how to transform the digital (and inevitably physical) lives of humans across the globe.

Whether you are an architect or an IT professional, don’t forget to mark your calendars for October 3, 2016 to celebrate World Architecture Day. Take a moment to realize just how large of an impact you have on the lives of people throughout the globe. With your help, their lives are improved through physical buildings as well as the technological advances that are created inside of these architectural masterpieces.

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