Ransomware Removal for Vancouver Organizations

For organizations based in Vancouver, it’s important that you protect your company’s sensitive information. With so much information shared and stored online today, it is becoming increasingly difficult for organizations to ensure they’re not exposed to vulnerabilities such as ransomware.

But with the right precautions, organizations can protect themselves from ransomware and ensure that all information is secured. Read on to learn what ransomware is, 3 tips to protect your company, and what to do if you’ve been hit.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a form of malware that encrypts a victim’s files. Once the encryption occurs, the attacker will demand a ransom from the victim in order to restore the vulnerable data upon payment.

The attacker will show the user instructions on how to make the payment in order to retrieve the decryption key and restore data. How much an organization will pay depends. However, the cost can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands.

Many organizations are targeted with ransomware because they often have limited security measures in place and are profitable targets. If you’re a Vancouver company, it’s important that you take certain precautions to minimize your risk of becoming a victim of ransomware crimes.

3 Tips to Protect Your Organization from Ransomware

Here are 3 tips organizations can incorporate to protect their critical information from ransomware.

Strengthen Patch Management

Patches are software and operating system updates that address security vulnerabilities within a program or product. For companies, ensuring that you strengthen your patch management is a top priority. Organizations with strong patch management minimize their risk of attackers finding weak points in their security system and gaining access to their network.

Incorporate Multi-Factor Authentication

Unfortunately, many attackers are able to gain quick access to a company’s information because of static passwords. Simply put, a static password is one that is commonly used to log in to various accounts and services. With that said, enabling multi-factor authentication on accounts across your network will make it difficult for attackers to gain access because they will need additional information.

Filter Email and Web Content

Did you know that emails containing malicious URLs are the most common method for ransomware attacks? By filtering your email and web content, you can easily block threats and remove links before any user can access them.

What to Do if Your Organization is Hit with Ransomware?

Getting hit by a ransomware attack is alarming. For this reason, it’s common for companies to want to pay the ransom in order to restore their data. But this may not be in your best interest as this is not only costly, but there is also no guarantee that the attacker will give you your files back.

Instead, companies should rely on ransomware removal in Vancouver as a first step. While removing ransomware won’t decrypt your files, it is an important step in securing your environment from any active threats. Repeat ransomware attacks occur more than you might think. By relying on a ransomware removal service, you can be sure that you are protecting your organization from future threats.

In addition to this, a ransomware removal service will help you discover all data recovery options such as repairing or extracting data from partially encrypted databases, seeing whether you can restore shadow copies, and seeing if encryption can be broken.

If you have no choice but to pay the ransom due to critical files, a removal service can also help you ensure that the ransomware payment is legal through a rigorous screening process.

No organization wants their sensitive information to be compromised, but it does happen. If you’re a company based in Vancouver and you believe that your company’s information has been compromised, contact us today to learn how we can help with ransomware removal.