Revit is a foundational part of architectural work in the modern digital age.

As much as it helps to make Building Information Modeling a more easily understood and carried out process, on its own, it isn’t necessarily perfect.

Revit Architects

Modern advances in IT have a lot to offer businesses, and not just in terms of email, or conference calling. In recent years, the cloud has continuously changed how businesses in a range of industries think about technology, and that extends architecture firms like yours. With the right partner on your side, the cloud can revolutionize the way your firm uses Revit.

Want to improve your staff’s Revit experience? Contact Compunet today at (604) 986-8170 or to talk about moving your architecture firm to the cloud.

As an experienced support provider for Vancouver architecture firms like yours, Compunet has developed unbeatable solutions to help clients gain mobility, convenience, and improve service delivery. Our team of IT experts can move your Revit into the cloud so that your staff can enjoy a range of new advantages, including:

  • Simple Collaboration: We will provide your architecture firm with a single, central workspace for Revit and other work that’s accessible from wherever work takes you.
  • Ideal User Experience: Enjoy the freedom to view, edit and interact with a range of file formats through your browser on any device without having to install software or host hardware.
  • Enhanced Connectivity: Keep your staff connected to clients, contractors, and each other with your very own virtual architecture firm hosted by Compunet in the cloud.

With our help, the cloud can change the way you use Revit. Call Compunet at (604) 986-8170 or send us an email at to learn more.