Vancouver law offices have unique IT needs that require innovative solutions. Keeping client data and files protected, accessing data from remote locations and managing day-to-day IT needs with small staffs are numerous challenges area law firms face.

For 2019, there are many technology solutions for Vancouver’s legal industry to consider that will improve efficiency, reduce the strain on resources and lower costs. If you’re seeking technology services for Vancouver law firms, look to a trusted partner like Compunet InfoTech Inc. for proven expertise and knowledge of solutions that make a difference for local law offices.

What Technologies Should Law Firms Look to Adopt in 2019?

You want to focus on solutions that will save your firm time and money. Managed IT services are designed to improve law firm productivity at a predictable monthly cost. With managed IT services, you can focus on serving your clients while your provider keeps your systems, devices and users up and running.

What Is Included In Managed IT?

Managed IT services cover a host of maintenance and management, including:

  • An IT assessment to understand your law firm’s needs, and develop a customized plan that includes your infrastructure, wired and wireless networks, hardware, software and mobile devices
  • Hardware and software management and maintenance, including oversight of your vendor relationships to monitor warranties and contracts. When new employees are added, our team can purchase needed equipment, configure it and assign the right access to files and systems, Program updates or upgrades can be installed remotely with minimal disruption to employees
  • Around-the-clock help desk services to assist your employees with standard hardware and software questions
  • Mobile user support for employees working from a courthouse, meeting a client or other out-of-office location
  • Monitoring services to inspect your network, detect any suspicious or unwanted activity and resolve minor disruptions before they become problematic
  • Disaster avoidance planning to help your firm prepare for and respond to catastrophic events with continuity solutions to keep your business operational

Where Are My Data and Applications Stored?

An IT partner can evaluate your business goals and needs and suggest a cloud strategy for your data, systems and applications. Cloud technologies are evolving quickly, allowing for innovative applications for your firm. Among the advantages of a cloud solution:

  • Availability. With applications and data in the cloud, your employees can access needed information whether in or out of the office on any device. Data is backed up in onsite and offsite locations with regular backup testing to ensure data is safe.
  • Scalability. As your law firm grows, so too can your cloud solution. There’s no need to buy, install, configure, house, power and maintain more servers when you need additional storage or capability.
  • Security. With multi-layered security solutions, both digital and physical, your data and applications are secured in the case of a cyber attack or natural disaster.

How Will My Employees Access Information?

With managed IT services and cloud solutions in place, employees can access necessary files from a simple web interface. No matter where they’re located, the type of device being used or the operating system installed, employees will have a seamless user experience along with 24/7 help desk support if questions arise.

How Are My Systems Protected?

Managed IT solutions provide a blanket of protection over all your IT components. This layered approach keeps the system, devices, and users protected from unwanted attacks and nuisances. The layers include:

  • Next-Generation Firewalls. At the perimeter of your network, firewalls keep unwanted activity out of your system. Firewalls monitor the users and applications on the network at all times and use intrusion protection systems to examine every packet of data transmitted on the network. This proactive approach allows for early detection and handling of unwanted activity. Firewalls also offer URL blocking and malware detection services.
  • Anti-Virus Software. Whether it’s unwanted spam, trojans or malware, you need software running continuously on connected computers to scan and quarantine problematic files, emails and attachments. These anti-virus solutions are updated automatically to address the ever-expanding number of threats.
  • Encryption. Devices and hard drives should be encrypted to ensure that data is protected at all times. Also, if a laptop, smartphone or tablet is stolen, access to network information can be terminated immediately.

Who Can Offer These Solutions in Vancouver?

Compunet works extensively with Vancouver law firms to deliver IT services that keep your sensitive information secure and protected. Our teams keep every component of your technology updated and monitored, allowing your teams to be more productive and collaborative.

“I would and have recommended them to a few law firms,” said Grant Haddock, founder of Haddock & Company. “They take care of the headaches, which means it’s one less thing for us to worry about! If something happens we know they’re on it right away.”

To learn more about how to keep your law firm protected in 2019 and beyond, contact us today.