Ready To Bring On A New Vancouver IT Company?

Your business needs the best Vancouver IT services company to handle your IT. But what exactly should you be looking for? Here are the top questions to ask potential candidates.  

Many businesses and organizations are finding it difficult to maintain their own IT infrastructures in this digital age. As a result, it’s become commonplace to turn to managed service providers or MSPs for technological outsourcing.

It’s important to keep in mind that if you choose to work with an MSP, your relationship will be integral to the success or failure of your company. When hiring an MSP, you’re not just choosing a third-party vendor; you’re essentially choosing a business partner.

As such, it makes sense that you should take plenty of time and energy when it comes to preparing for MSP interviews. During each meeting, we recommend you ask the following questions, each of which will help you get to know potential MSPs better and understand just who will benefit your company the most.

Top Interview Questions for Potential Vancouver IT Companies

#1 – What does your service delivery look like? How do you charge for your managed services?

Managed service providers vary on how they deliver services and handle their payments. Certain MSPs will demand that you sign a contract for a flat-rate monthly, bi-monthly, or biannual fee, which can actually be advantageous for you in many cases.

The main thing to look out for is the rare MSP who says that service charges may vary from month to month. If you sign a contract, you want to agree upon a flat, consistent rate that won’t change unless you decide to go up or down a service level.

You also need to know how the services you are paying for will be delivered. In other words, are they only going to offer remote support? Or, will they handle on-site issues and care as well? This may vary, based on the level of service you choose, but remember that on-site care is always optimal.

#2 – Who will we be dealing with when we need a service call or have a question? How are your employees certified, and is your company accredited?

In a scenario in which you need to ask a question or make a service call, who will you be speaking with, and how qualified are they at their job? You’re looking for certifications here. If employees have computer science or related degrees from two- or four-year institutions, that’s also something to look for. Finally, ask if their MSP company is accredited.

#3 – Let’s say we have a big issue with security, our website, or some other part of our industry. How will you respond?

Even in situations that aren’t absolutely catastrophic, you want to hear potential MSPs say that they will do everything in their power to not only respond right away, but also to amend the situation swiftly. Exact response times are always appreciated. For example, it’s not uncommon for a good MSP to be able to guarantee a response time of five minutes or less for their clients.

#4 – What do you recommend for our company in terms of software and hardware?

The reason for this question is twofold. First, you’re asking the specifics about what potential MSPs are recommending for your company, which means that if they can answer this question, they’ve researched your company — and that’s of course what you want. If they are unable to recommend any specifics for your unique company, you can likely assume that they aren’t familiar with your company and/or industry and haven’t done their homework before the interview, which is a bad sign all around.

The second reason for asking this question is naturally because you want to know how potential MSPs are going to improve your hardware and software situation. With the hire of a new MSP, most businesses will see a change in how they run daily operations in regards to technology. In other words, you should expect your hardware and/or software to change at least slightly when you hire an MSP, and you’ll want to know how it will change (and how much these changes will cost) before making your final decision.

#5 – How will you help our business grow and expand?

Lastly, you definitely want to find an MSP who knows your industry and has experienced in it. Likewise, they should have a concrete plan for how they’ll be able to use their services, recommendations, and connections to grow and expand your business.

Remember that hiring a great MSP can revolutionize your business, but hiring an MSP that’s not passionate about helping you meet your business goals can stagnate your success. Do your homework, plan ahead for Vancouver IT Company interviews, and make this choice wisely.