Vancouver Medical Group Calls Compunet For VoIP Phone Services

When patients call your medical group office, you desire to be able to answer the phone lines without worrying about connection issues and dropped calls. When a medical office manager got fed up with trying to fix the phone lines and phone system at her office after repeated failures, she looked to Compunet InfoTech Vancouver for a solution.

Vancouver Medical Group Calls Compunet For VoIP Phone Services

System Fails Repeatedly

Time and time again, the phone lines and phone system in Queenie’s medical group office failed. There were dropped calls and poor connections that resulted in frustrated patients and employees. She attempted to fix the phone lines and phone system to no avail, leaving both her and the patients exasperated and tired with no solution in sight.

Employer Calls for Professional Help

Queenie was frustrated. She worked at a medical group office. She wasn’t a telephone repair person or an internet technician. She had no idea what to do to find a solution to the phone issues at the office, only that there was a serious problem. Her telephone call to our office was out of desperation and necessity.

We Offer a Solution

Luckily, we can offer a solution to typical telephone system issues. After chatting with Queenie, it became obvious to our support technician that the medical group office likely handled the volume needed to use the advanced and reliable communications solution of voice over internet protocol (VoIP). This system offers the following advantages over traditional phone systems:

  • Increased reliability
  • Ease of use
  • Reduction in costs
  • High levels of flexibility
  • Low installation costs
  • Simple installation

One small 11-employee dental consultancy group reported a return on investment of a quarter of a million dollars after implementing VoIP in its office.

Are You Ready To Contact Vancouver’s Premier IT Support Company?

As a company, we recognize that technology has altered the way we live and communicate. There is nothing more frustrating than when something so integral to your business fails to operate properly. We are committed to learning about your problems, solving those problems proactively, making recommendations for technological upgrades and products and implementing those technologies.

When you are looking for a more efficient and cost-effective phone system for your medical group, look no further than Compunet InfoTech Vancouver for installation and maintenance of a VoIP System for your office. Call us at (604) 986-8170 or visit us at to get started.

You get to a point where you try to do things more digitally, you know, scanned instead of in boxes in a storage facility somewhere. We started doing some more of that as the office became more tech-savvy, and you realize, that we have all that scanned in our computer system, but if we lose it, we’re screwed.

Lynda Smith