Vancouver Real Estate Developers Engages With Compunet For Server Virtualization Technologies

Key Points from the Article:

  • Server virtualization is disrupting how real estate developers operate— centralizing data in a cloud server to streamline residential and commercial purchases.
  • Many real estate companies are looking for strategies and developing technology roadmaps to simplify their operations and lower operational costs.
  • Compunet has helped hundreds of businesses in Vancouver with server virtualization and can help real estate developers with the task, too.

Virtualization is disrupting the way the real estate world operates — centralizing data in the cloud to simplify business operations, improve efficiency, and protect mission-critical data.

Many real estate companies are after strategies and technology roadmaps that align with their company’s revenue and growth goals.

For over 30 years, hundreds of real estate developers in Vancouver have leveraged Compunet’s expertise to design their cloud IT frameworks, virtualize their servers, and automate processes to achieve their important goals.

Your real estate company can leverage the expertise too. We can deploy our team of cloud technicians to execute the task of server virtualization for you and set up a system that’ll help you scale up your company.

Vancouver Real Estate Developers Engages With Compunet For Server Virtualization Technologies

Server Virtualization Services Real Estate Developers in Vancouver Get from Compunet

Our tech specialists offer nearly all server virtualization services a real estate developer may need. From migration to maintenance — your real estate company can get it all.

Regardless of your company tech level, you should expect server virtualization services such as:

1. Migrating Physical Server to the Cloud

Server migration is a load of work. Other than shifting from a physical to a virtual server, your real estate company will be migrating other components such as:

  • Installed applications
  • Databases
  • User profiles
  • Client information
  • Shares and other data

While the overall approach is generic, you’ll need customization to fit your business.

In a nutshell, our cloud experts will:

  • Execute an audit to determine the server’s content, the clients it serves, and the interfaces it expects to communicate with.
  • Schedule your migration time to off-hours when users are less affected by the migration’s disruption.
  • Verify you have an up-to-date backup that’s restorable before migration. In case anything goes wrong during the migration process, you should be able to bounce back.
  • Capture all the content on the physical server in a migration container.
  • Connect the container to your cloud server using a VPN or tunnel.
  • Deploy all contents of the container to your target cloud server. We’ll automatically deploy applications, databases, settings, profiles, shares, and data onto the cloud server.
  • Execute any necessary post-migration adjustment.

In other words, we’ll shoulder the heavy server migration task for your real estate company without interfering with business operations.

2. Cybersecurity for Virtualized Server

As much as you expect more from your new virtual server and a better user experience, the cloud requires improved security. You must secure your virtual server from hackers, virus attacks, and data breaches.

To protect your new virtual server, our cybersecurity experts will deploy:

  • Cloud antivirus programs
  • Encryption controls your virtual server for data at rest and in motion
  • Regular software updates to patch any vulnerability that hackers could use to exploit your virtual server
  • Secure your control panel

More importantly, our team of ethical hackers can execute regular vulnerability and penetration tests to check how resilient your virtualized server is and discover deep-hidden problems. If we spot any security gap, we’ll offer recommendations and address concerns.

3. Cloud Data Backup and Recovery Service

You require your business’s server to be backed up and stored on a remote server to ensure business continuity even in the face of a disaster.

Our data backup and recovery technicians will set up a system that proactively copies and stores your server’s file on a different server in a separate location to back up business-critical data and applications.

In case of a disaster strikes, our recovery services can help your business restore all its server content to prevent expensive downtimes. Your company can leverage different types of backups, including:

  • Full backup to copy your entire cloud server every time you initiate a backup
  • Incremental backups to back up the data that has been updated or changed since the last backup
  • Differential backups — are similar to incremental data but back up the data that changed since the last full backup instead of the last backup in general

4. Proactive Monitoring to Ensure Your Business Remains Compliant

After virtualizing your server, you are responsible for ensuring business availability, application performance, and compliance.

Since real estate is a heavily regulated industry — because the high–value information your company processes, transmits, and stores are a constant target for hackers to exploit — you need to monitor the business cloud server proactively.

Our experts monitor servers of hundreds of other companies in the real estate industry and are familiar with the ever-changing regulatory requirements. We can ensure your virtual server remains compliant by maintaining high data integrity, confidentiality, and portability.

We understand the unique infrastructure, security compliance, and regulatory obligations your real estate company faces and can configure your virtual server to meet your organization’s security and compliance objectives.

5. Infrastructure Layout for Real Estate Developers

Every real estate developer requires a unique cloud infrastructure to streamline their technology with business goals. You need to set up:

  • A production environment
  • Development and quality testing environment
  • Technology that enables governance, auditing, and compliance monitoring
  • Solutions to monitor resources your company is using

Your business needs to lay down infrastructure to help you achieve your goals.

Since the real estate world loves going online to buy and sell properties, our cloud architects will help you build secure, resilient, and reliable infrastructure for your applications. Our architects will build frameworks that allow your real estate developers to manage the prospective buyers and sellers.

Then, we’ll help you set up a customer relationship management platform that allows you to manage all properties and client data. We’ll create a cloud-based realtors interface for your salespeople to manage leads, show the properties to prospective buyers, and close deals.

In other words, we can help you develop solutions on your virtual server to help you achieve your business goals.

Compunet Offers Server Virtualization Services for Real Estate Developers in Vancouver

For over 30 years, we’ve helped real estate developers leverage technology to achieve their goals. We can help you virtualize your server, lay down a cloud infrastructure that you can scale over time, and ensure you meet security, resiliency, and operational performance requirements.

Contact us today for help with virtualizing your server and network infrastructure.