Find Out What Significant Changes & Updates Will Drastically Alter the Way Your Business Operates!

Compunet, a leading Vancouver IT support company in the Lower Mainland and across Vancouver, continuously aims to stay ahead of the latest and greatest IT innovations and advancements, in order to better serve our clients and keep them ahead of the competition.

How do we do that? Well, we’re always on the lookout for the latest technologies, emerging security threats, and relevant news. For example, the Windows 10 Technical Preview, a program released earlier this month for those interested in previewing the latest version of the operating system, offers a fantastic glimpse into some of the upcoming changes and functionalities to be expected from the release in 2015.

According to Microsoft, there will be frequent updates and user-interface changes before the latest version of the operating system is released; however, our team of IT experts downloaded the program and found many significant changes we’re looking forward to!

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During our ongoing experience with the technical preview program, we’ve noticed some interesting changes, including:

  • Simplified user experience: While Windows 8.1 was challenging for many non-tech savvy individuals to learn, Windows 10 is much more simplified and easy to use; offering icons and apps, however, those who aren’t familiar can still browse through the old fashion way – using the Start menu.
  • Usable modern applications: Although Windows 8.1 allowed you to open apps and split the screen down the middle, the function was fairly awkward; however, Windows 10 eliminates the issue entirely; allowing you to open apps inside individual windows.
  • Improved command prompt: Windows 10 offers a new, improved command prompt that supports pasting text via Ctrl-V rather than right clicking; and there’s also a new experimental tab that allows prompt windows to be translucent and resized horizontally.
  • Enhanced task view/a new add a desktop button: Windows 10 allows you to click the icon in the taskbar and view an at-a-glance overview of windows and apps open; plus, an “add a desktop” button lets you switch between two or more workspaces.

Plus, we’ve noticed a difference in speed – Windows 8 was sluggish, Windows 8.1 was slightly better, Windows 10, on the other hand, runs much faster than previous versions of the operating system! Ultimately, we believe it’s going to be much simpler for you and your staff members to use; minimizing the learning curve and helping you increase productivity and efficiency.

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