As technology becomes an ever-vital part of a business’s growth and operation, Microsoft continues to improve their software and provide their customers with the latest innovations to keep businesses moving forward in the digital age. One of their latest software innovation designed to help improve the infrastructure of your business is Microsoft Server 2019.

Why Companies are Choosing Windows 2019 Server?

In a push to embrace digital transformations by utilizing the latest in artificial intelligence to drive businesses forward and improve customer service, many companies are choosing to utilize Microsoft’s Window 2019 Server software. Windows 2019 Server provides businesses with numerous benefits including:

Many Unique Hybrid Capabilities

Windows Server 2019 includes an extended data center in the cloud which includes an active directory as well as a common data platform that was built using SQL Server technology. This combined with built-in hybrid management capabilities allows it to connect Windows Server deployments to Azure services easily and seamlessly without the risk of disrupting applications and the server infrastructure.

Enhanced Security Features

You no longer have to keep your data onsite for fear of safety and compliance problems. Microsoft now offers enhanced protection services in their Windows Server 2019 such as:

  • Managed privileged identities to protect from breaches by requiring administrative credentials.
  • Windows Defender Advance Threat Detection which can prevent intrusion and lock down devices when an attack or threat is detected.
  • Secure fabric virtualization which can protect virtual machines from gaining unauthorized access and the ability to protect the network traffic.

Faster Application Integration

With Windows Server 2019 you will have the ability to approach and deliver apps faster with minimal code changes. It also provides for more expedited downloads and enhanced support. The software also helps to reduce the complexity by allowing developers to use such standardized tools as Curl, Tar, and Open SSH.

Improved Hyper-Converged Features

Microsoft’s new server software uses improved hyper-converge features to enhance storage and computation for a faster time to value. This allows you to gain industry-leading performance and enjoy configurations that are optimized to create better performance, capacity and a more balanced approach. These features also provide for more simplified daily management and a better platform to make your resources more visible and easier to use.

Why Choose a Vancouver IT Service Company for Your Microsoft Server 2019 Support?

While Microsoft Server 2019 can provide amazing benefits to your company, providing your own support can be costly and time-consuming. To make sure that you get the most out of all Windows Server 2019 has to offer, you should choose a reliable and dependable IT company to provide you with the necessary support services. Some of the most important reason to hire an IT company to provide your server support include:

  • The ability to free up your staff – Your employees time can be better spent on projects to help the growth and expansion of your company. If you have an internal IT staff, providing server support can take away from the time they need to spend on the day-to-day onsite issues that the comapny may need to be addressed.
  • Monetary savings – An IT company has the ability and knowledge to provide necessary support for your Windows Server 2019 without the additional expense of training employees or hiring additional staff.
  • The ability to take advantage of all the programs capabilities – An IT staff has the training and knowledge in Microsoft 2019 Server and other applications in your software environment which allows them to be able to unlock all the capabilities of the software providing you with greater efficiency.
  • Better security – Even with the enhanced security features that the new software provides, maintaining updates and proper monitoring of your system is vital to ensuring your server stays secure. An IT company can provide you with constant monitoring, regular updating, and can address any possible issues before they become major problems.

How to Choose the Right Microsoft Partner in Vancouver?

There are certain things you should look for when choosing the right IT company to provide you with your Microsoft Server 2019 support. Look for a company that:

  • Can provide you with support 24/7 so you can address any issues as they occur.
  • Can minimize and properly schedule downtime for upgrades and maintenance.
  • Can offer you monitoring, security, and backup recovery services to ensure that your data is always protected and able to be retrieved when needed.
  • Has experienced technicians who know how to get the most out of the Windows Server 2019 software and other applications that you may be running in your business.

Get the most out of your Microsoft 2019 Server software and ensure that your infrastructure is properly protected, managed, and running as efficiently as possible by finding the right Vancouver IT company to provide you with reliable Windows Server 2019 support.