Haddock & Company needs an IT environment they could trust in. Cost effective leveraging of technology is the key to levelling the playing field for law firms, so Haddock & Company sought our professional IT advisors to grow with. That’s where Compunet InfoTech came in: offering the proactive solutions, responsive support, expert knowledge, and understanding of their business culture necessary for Haddock & Company to achieve their goals.

Law Firm IT Services

Companies tend to live or die based on how well they can understand their clients and the business culture of their clients. When an IT company doesn’t understand, the client faces significant challenges, as their needs are not being met.

The Situation: The Need For Proactive Support Towards Their IT Needs So They Could Stop Worrying About Downtime

“Like it or not, communication has become more or less instant and our clients expect fast responses and quick turn-around times on assignments. We need to spend less time on necessary administrative tasks and more time on the work that the client will pay for. Appropriate use of technology helps us meet those goals. Every minute that we’re down, we are not serving our clients and we are not generating revenue for the business. System reliability is paramount to our operations.” explains Grant Haddock, of Haddock & Company.

Haddock & Company went paperless in 2008 and had to ensure 100% accessibility to electronic documents anywhere, anytime. Having applications tested to ensure cloud compatibility – a ‘cloud readiness assessment’, and having processes and practices examined to ensure a proper business culture fit were also crucial to Haddock & Company in order to achieve their highest levels of efficiency.

Compliance with regulations, security, and replicated data in-house also had to be considered.

The Solution: No More Worrying. A Responsive, Innovative IT Support Team With Dynamic Solutions They Can Rely On

With an existing 10 years of impressive network services and support, Haddock & Company looked to Compunet InfoTech to take on a full MSP role. This decision was made based on their existing relationship – this included professionalism, knowledge, integrity, speed of response, and an understanding of their business.

Haddock comments, Our particular programs are not unique in the legal field but I have seen Compunet InfoTech take extraordinary steps to learn how our programs work and become familiar with how our programs work for the benefit of our operations”.

Compunet InfoTech was able to take Haddock & Company Lawyers from on-site support to 100% cloud and managed. We took a proactive approach and immediately got to work assessing their IT environment, innovating solutions, and putting plans into effect.

“We don’t have to worry about our systems going down, fighting with our systems, or fighting with our programs” Haddock says. .

The Outcome: A Proactive IT Partnership That Is Capable Of Growing With Their Business & Understanding Their Culture!

Since partnering with Compunet InfoTech, Haddock & Company has seen significant benefits including a predictable IT expenditure, peace of mind, time that can be allocated back to their business, quicker response, and better client relations.

Haddock comments, saying, “We have been using Compunet InfoTech for 11 years now. When I started the firm, Compunet InfoTech was there. At the beginning, I was using a shared server and shared workstation with just two workers that was it. We had to grow beyond that and Compunet InfoTech grew with us.”

“As Compunet InfoTech is growing, and things are changing, they are moving towards the cloud- based systems – we are ready to go there with them for convenience and cost savings.” elaborates Haddock.

“Reliable and available – that’s what goes with Compunet InfoTech.”

Compunet InfoTech can help you leverage the right IT solutions for success! To discover how, call us at (604) 986-8170 or send us an email: info@compunet.ca.