When international engineering consultants for geotechnical engineering and hydrogeology –Piteau Associates– found themselves in the middle of an unworkable IT environment, Compunet InfoTech was able to make the changes necessary to get things back on track & rebuild the core part of their business.

North Vancouver IT Support

With our IT environments as vital as they are to business nowadays, even simple things like documentation, analysis, and communication could become severe challenges for a company who has failed to implement solid networks, systems, or servers.

The Situation: An IT Environment In Need of Updates and a Management Plan

With problems related to sharing project files with clients through FTP, having a Linux environment both unmanaged and lacking proper expandability, as well as experiencing remote access and backup reliability issues, Piteau Associates was looking for assistance.

Dave Tiplady of Piteau Associates explains, “IT is a core part of our business. Virtually all of our analysis, document preparation, and communication is hosted on our network systems”.

After 20 years of trusted business with Compunet InfoTech regarding their network server and desktop support, Piteau Associates had to look no further for help. Reliability, trustworthiness, and proactive maintenance were major selling factors for the company.

The Solution: Rebuilt IT Infrastructure & Committed Provider for Improved Communications

Compunet InfoTech has implemented many improvements since partnering with Piteau Associates, including:

  • Introduced MS Active Directory.
  • Brought in MS Exchange server.
  • Standardized on MS products while maintaining third-party application compatibility.
  • Connected branch offices via VPN to central office.
  • Implemented Compunet Cloudsync for company/client file sharing and synchronization.
  • Daily Remote monitoring and management of all network infrastructure.
  • Implemented anti-spam/anti-virus software.

When asked what Compunet InfoTech has done for the company that has been above the call of duty, Tiplady responds, “Working after hours and making site visits outside of business hours to deal with problems and avert crises, helping us evolve our system, listening to our needs, and helping with our educational needs with respect to IT.”

The Outcome: Full System Improvements & More Efficient Processes for Greater Uptime & Peace of Mind!

Since joining Compunet InfoTech, Piteau Associates benefit from more efficient file syncing/sharing of important documents with clients via Compunet CloudSync, greater business uptime, peace of mind, and better inter-office communication.

Tiplady expresses appreciation for Compunet InfoTech’s work on behalf of the company, saying: “Compunet InfoTech has consistently met our needs and given us no cause to change. There is a high level of trust.”

We recognize Compunet InfoTech’s expertise in designing, commissioning, and troubleshooting network systems, and we know that your people are committed to helping us to the best of their abilities.” he adds.

Compunet InfoTech has the IT expertise to provide you with solutions for success! To discover how, call us at (604) 986-8170 or send us an email: info@compunet.ca.