Looking To Leverage Innovative Software And Applications?

Unfortunately, There’s A High Cost And Level Of Complexity Associated With Purchasing, Licensing, And Hosting Your Own Software And Applications.

But cost and complexity no longer have to hold you back – Compunet offers Hosted Solutions to help you keep up with technological advances without going over your budget. 

Wouldn’t it be great to have instant and continuous access to the latest software and applications? When you choose to work with Compunet, you’re able to leverage innovative software and applications at an affordable price! And best of all, you’re only paying for a small part of the total cost for the applications, hardware, and upgrades.

We offer various Hosted Solutions, including:

  • Hosted Microsoft QuickBooks: QuickBooks is simple and easy-to-use to help you keep your financial and accounting matters accurate and organized.
  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange: Exchange ensures the reliability and safety of your emails while allowing access via your PC, smartphone, and web browser.
  • Hosted Microsoft SharePoint: SharePoint allows you to create a secure and customizable online portal to promote teamwork and simplify collaboration.
  • Custom Application Hosting: Custom application hosting is a tailor-made, customized service and support system for your unique business needs.

Think about it: access to the software and applications necessary to improve productivity and efficiency – without the upfront costs.

Ready to get started? Businesses throughout Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, Coquitlam, and New Westminster look to Compunet for all of their Hosted Solutions. Contact us to learn more!

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