IT Manager Stretched Too Thin

Are you a small and mid-size business in Vancouver looking to reinforce or supplement your internal IT team with outside help? If so, you came to the right post!

It could be that your IT department lacks sufficient resources to carry out tasks, your existing team lacks the expertise needed for an upcoming project, or they’re just overworked. Whatever the reason, partnering with an external IT service firm is, by far, your best shot at filling in the resources and expertise your on-prem team needs to optimize productivity and efficiency.

But here’s the catch; finding a suitable IT service firm to support your internal team isn’t child’s play. Your co-managed IT provider must tick all the suitability boxes, including but not limited to availability, faster response time, experience, industry accreditation, technical expertise, ability to deliver proactive solutions, commitment to driving your growth, etc.

In the section below, we discuss why internal IT teams should consider partnering with an outside IT service firm and what benefits such an arrangement brings to your organization. So let’s get this show on the road, shall we?

Why Your IT Department Should Consider Partnering with an IT Service Firm

As we alluded to earlier, the decision to bring an external IT service firm on board should depend on whether your internal team:

  • Lacks the expertise or resources to handle a project
  • Is understaffed or overwhelmed by day-to-day IT responsibilities
  • Experiences frequent network issues
  • Have knowledge or skills gap

More so, you want to bring in external support if your team lacks the requisite technical expertise. But the big question is, how do you know that the team isn’t adequately skilled? Here are the top three indicators:

The Team is Reluctant to Implement the Latest Technologies

As a goal-driven organization, you should always be keen to implement the latest relevant technologies to stay ahead of the competition. However, your IT team, which should lead the deployment and management of solutions like cloud computing, may lack the necessary expertise. Hence, they may be reluctant to implement the changes to avoid the burden altogether.

So the best solution is to partner with an IT firm with immense knowledge of the technology in question. This guarantees timely implementation and ensures that your internal team becomes well-equipped in managing the solution by cooperating with the outsourced experts.

The IT Department Operates Parallel to Your Company

There’s no worse workplace experience than having an entire department that neither understands your company’s mission nor strives to realize the set goals. Imagine your IT team making gross mistakes budgeting for unneeded equipment when you’re trying to maximize revenue generation by cutting down expenses.

The point is, your IT department should be part and parcel of every strategic move and bring in the relevant expertise needed to realize your organization’s goals. If they lack that capacity, you should consider inviting an external IT support firm to guide and support your in-house team on how to address your needs adequately.

The Team is Always Experiencing Frequent Network Issues

What’s the essence of having on-prem IT experts if they can’t address common network issues once and for good? Imagine a situation where your IT department always deals with issues like particular workstations unable to connect to the network, slow internet performance, DNS problems, etc. It not only causes costly business disruptions but also points out the incompetency in your IT team. It may also mean that your on-prem team is overwhelmed or overworked, compromising their productivity.

If that’s the case, you should consider bringing in a qualified IT services firm to help the team assess the root cause of the frequent network issues and address them at once.

What are the Benefits of Partnering with an IT Service Firm to Supplement Your IT Department?

Bringing on board an IT service firm with top-class technical experience, advanced tools, and the commitment to help your company can result in the following benefits:

Cost-Saving Opportunities

Working with an outside firm reduces both equipment and labour costs. For instance, you no longer have to pay for software, hardware, or other equipment needed to complete IT functions, as your partner takes care of such expenses. Further, you can reduce labour costs by eliminating the need for hiring specialized tech support professionals who are expensive to maintain salary-wise. Partnering with a third-party firm saves you money, as the services only come at a fraction of the cost of hiring and maintaining new staff or retraining the existing team.

Access to the Latest Technologies and Tools

When you contract a third-party IT service firm to support your IT department, your team enjoys access to the latest technologies and tools for enhancing productivity and efficiency. The best part is that you don’t have to spend on the extra resources that your third-party partner provides.

Added Security 

If you were to save a coin every time you heard or read that cybersecurity breaches are on the rise, your piggybank would probably be full right now. Don’t you agree? Yet, we still must reiterate that protecting your data has never been more critical in this era. However, this can prove challenging if your internal team lacks the relevant security tools and expertise. But you can resolve that by choosing an external IT provider familiar with proper security standards and can help you fulfill your regulatory compliance needs.

Less Downtime

There’s no room for costly business downtime when you have a team monitoring your network 24/7 and responding promptly to troubleshoot technical issues anytime. Even better, your outsourced team is often capable of detecting and mitigating potential problems before they come to light, minimizing downtime further.

Compunet Works With Internal IT Managers In Vancouver

There’s only so much an internal IT team can do. And it’s not uncommon that they may get stretched too thin due to insufficient resources, too much work, knowledge gap, lack of expertise to handle some projects, etc. In that case, you want to partner with a co-managed IT services provider to supplement your in-house IT department with more resources, technical expertise, and all-round support.

Compunet is equal to the task! If you’re a Vancouver organization looking to reduce IT expenses, enhance efficiency, bolster your security posture, and access all the latest technologies, we got you covered. Our team of highly qualified and experienced IT services experts can work collaboratively with your in-house professionals to overcome frequent technology challenges while helping you realize your growth goals. So, reach out to Compunet, and we’ll be happy to assist your IT team in becoming more efficient and productive.