Serverless Environments in Vancouver Law Firms and the Power of Microsoft 365

More law firms are realizing that the traditional option of having applications installed on physical servers is counter-intuitive and opens the door to a variety of security risks, including data breaches. Vancouver law firms face several challenges in the digital world, especially the challenges that relate to data security and compliance. Other factors that present challenges to law firms include the need to streamline workflows and speed up the amount of time it takes to resolve a case by having clear insight into your files and where they are stored.

In today’s digital era, where technological advances are occurring every day, serverless environments are proving to be an essential step for many. Serverless – this word is everywhere. Serverless is really about migrating away from your IT infrastructure and reducing some of your administrative responsibilities. Has the availability of cloud computing, with execution models such as serverless, really changed how law firms operate? The idea behind a serverless environment is simple – instead of managing servers and other resources on your own, you can now delegate these tasks to a trusted cloud provider.

So, what’s the best way to implement a serverless environment in a law firm? While introducing a serverless environment, it is a good idea to use the resources and knowledge your law firm already has. This will reduce the time and costs that are needed to purchase new hardware and applications, and the adoption of a serverless environment will be easier because you will not have to worry about additional training. If you want to give your law firm a competitive edge, here is why serverless environments will be the key to enhancing your law firm operations.

Serverless Environments in Vancouver Law Firms and the Power of Microsoft 365

Cloud-Based Resources Are Available at All Times

If we have learned anything since early 2020, it’s that remote work is here to stay. Even when we finally reach the end of the pandemic, more law firms will still maintain remote work in some capacity. The use of cloud-based management will make platforms available as long as there is an internet connection. This means that law firms will have the ability to scale regardless of where or how your team needs to work. Data can be shared easily, improving communication and collaboration.

During the pandemic, many law firms adopted Microsoft 365 for email communication and didn’t realize what else they could get out of the other features and functionalities. With a recent Microsoft 365 license, your law firm can be equipped with all the functionalities needed to go serverless. Microsoft 365 includes file-sharing tools that allow you to eliminate file servers. OneDrive and SharePoint are tools that provide file sharing and folder level security. It’s a law firm advantage – no server expenses and no need for backups. Anyone who uses the platform can access files from anywhere, and you can seamlessly streamline daily processes.

Are You Getting the Most Out of Microsoft 365?

If your law firm has already migrated to Microsoft 365, are you currently getting the most out of it? Some benefits of Microsoft 365 include:

  • No need for servers
  • Access to files and email anytime and anywhere
  • Communicate and collaborate anywhere there is an internet connection
  • Use Microsoft 365 tools on any device
  • Access to Microsoft Office applications

If your law firm is already utilizing Microsoft 365, it makes sense to leverage the file storage and sharing functionalities to improve your law team’s ability to work from anywhere, while not increasing your IT spending.

Securing Your Serverless Environment

It would be a total disaster if you lost client data because your server failed or your computers broke down. This often happens- on-premise platforms run off of a physical server and are more vulnerable to data breaches and data losses. Cloud-based platforms are held to high standards when it comes to security.

When migrating to a serverless environment, the funds previously spent on on-premises infrastructure can be redirected to enhanced layers of security for your cloud-computing platforms. While Microsoft 365 does have its own security controls, the built-in security controls provided by Microsoft will only provide so much protection. As you redirect more assets to cloud applications, it is a good idea to invest in cybersecurity solutions that can not only accumulate and correlate data from multiple sources to provide a better view of your environment, but help you identify threats as quickly as possible.

The use of Microsoft 365 continues to become more widespread as more law firms move from legal document management systems and other legacy systems to a more comprehensive collection in Microsoft 365. A seemingly endless pile of documents is something that legal professionals are accustomed to dealing with daily. When you toss in fragmented data storage systems, you will have a situation that becomes even more difficult to keep up with and control. There is also the chance that your systems will not be compliant with Canadian industry regulations.

Microsoft 365 provides a viable option for law firms. Your legal document management tools can fully integrate with the Microsoft 365 suite. With Microsoft 365, it will provide your legal professionals with a briefcase in the cloud, complete with thorough data search capabilities and secured permission controls. For law firms and the legal industry in general, adopting a serverless environment will be inescapable. This can save your law firm a significant amount of time and money, which are key determinants of the success and failure of any law firm.

More law firms are migrating to serverless environments and cloud platforms to host and manage their files, emails, and legal templates, reducing the burdens of their IT departments. The legal landscape continues to change. Law firms and legal departments are implementing more advanced technology to improve productivity and efficiency, as well as manage costs. The goal of migrating to a serverless environment is to save legal professionals time when it comes to finding and managing documents.

An experienced IT services and support provider can analyze your Vancouver law firm to determine the best way for your law firm to make the transition to a serverless environment. Contact Compunet Infotech today for our help with managing your information technology systems.