Nick Nouri is the founder and president of Compunet InfoTech Inc. and plays the role of business manager, researcher, consultant and virtual CIO for both Compunet and our clients businesses.

As president and CEO of Compunet with over 30 years of experience in the Information Technology

Nick leads a team specialized in preventing and solving information technology problems for a variety of small and mid-sized businesses. He excels by proactively managing clients systems and helping them to align technology with the needs of their business. He values his relationships with clients, who often regard him and his team as a member of their own staff. With a keen sense of business, Nick helps his clients leverage technology to achieve their larger company objectives.

Nick established Compunet over 20 years ago a company which provides Information Technology Solutions to small and midsize businesses. Compunet services hundreds of businesses in Greater Vancouver BC and across Canada. Services provided by Compunet InfoTech include network managed services, network installation and support, backup and disaster recovery services, Hosted email services, It security management, and Private Cloud services.

Nick is an active member of several professional organizations, including North Shore Chambers of Commerce. Nick holds certifications as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. AT the very young ages, Nick obtained Novell Netware Engineer certification (CNE) as well as Citrix Engineer certification and was in charge of rolling-out and managing numerous IT projects for businesses across Canada and some in United States.

Nick’s passion to learn along with his vision helped him to find new solutions and ways for technology to better help businesses both in short and long term.