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What Is A Cisco Meraki Device?

Businesses face several challenges with local area networks. Scalability, maintenance and external threats are some of the most common challenges with local area networks. As the network expands, errors in configuration and potential threats become more prevalent.

Cisco Meraki provides networking devices that deal with switching, security, wireless technologies, security cameras and enterprise mobility management. It offers cloud management for small and large-scale businesses that use their devices.

Cisco Meraki is a cloud-based network management solution for home and business connectivity. Meraki offers powerful hardware and easy to manage software. A business can scale up and down and have a secure remote connection to the cloud services.

Cisco Meraki Support In Greater Vancouver

What Is Cisco Meraki Device Used For?

Meraki devices provide your business with advanced technology and fast detection and response to current network security issues. Let’s look at more uses of these advanced devices.

Offers Smart IoT Solutions

Meraki offers three IoT solutions for businesses and smart homes. The solutions provide more than just insight into your business. The administrator gets more power and control to allow access to IoT devices. Here are some of the smart IoT devices Meraki offers.

Smart Cameras

Smart cameras do more than record footage. Meraki cameras provide high-definition footage that doesn’t miss the point. These advanced cameras have the following advantages.

  • Eliminates blind spots: Traditional cameras need physical reconfiguration in case of errors. Cisco Meraki cameras allow remote configuration and troubleshooting to save you time and energy.
  • Identify and investigate threats: Only authorized users can get motion alerts from smart cameras. The user has the option for smart search, which helps them understand the situation better.
  • Image identification: Meraki cameras combine footage, sensors, and network data to eliminate errors in threat alerts.

Provides a Fast Wireless Connectivity

If you need a fast and reliable Wi-Fi router, Meraki offers secure and affordable routers. The routers can optimize the network performance as traffic and utilization change. You can identify the threats and anomalies in the network by using the root cause analysis.

Allows for Cloud-Based Centralized Management

You don’t have to worry about leaving the office. The centralized dashboard will offer you everything you need to know about your network. It will also allow you to scale and deploy faster to meet your business requirements all over the web-based dashboard.

Provides Secure SD-WANs

Cisco Meraki SD-Wans ensures optimal speeds to end-users. They provide advanced analytics, monitoring, and automation for all connections in the network. SD-Wan provides secure end-to-end encryption to ensure optimal security of the data.

The network can be from the most widely used routers such as Cisco Catalyst 8000 edge, to a virtual machine in the cloud such as Cisco vEdge Cloud router.

Why Should You Choose a Cisco Meraki Device?

Meraki devices are good for enterprise applications and personal use. If your business is growing and you need to maintain security as you scale up, you need this cloud-based networking solution. Let’s look at some of the awesome features that will make you choose the devices.

Meraki Devices Give You Centralized Oversight of Your Network

Wherever you are, it is possible to look at your network’s health and make changes. You only need a dashboard account that will enable you to monitor every device on the network. From the dashboard, you can configure your network for optimal performance.

You Get Cutting Edge Technologies in Your Business

Meraki offers cloud-controlled Wi-Fi, IoT, routing, and advanced security to help your business shape up. These technologies allow you to concentrate more on your business operations without worrying about downtime.

Easy Network Configuration and Management

The business doesn’t have to worry about deep configurations when adding new devices or removing some from the network. Meraki offers simple network management solutions for every business need.

Provides Optimal Network Security  

Meraki multi-layer security is what keeps cybercriminals from exploiting your systems. When you connect to the cloud, your data is protected by TLS encryptions. All the database backups are encrypted by using AES256 to ensure minimal security breaches from hackers.

The administrators have the mandate to add devices by themselves, download certificates to the devices and have access to critical business data. The privileges give the administrators control over devices and identify devices that require more security.

Meraki Device Setup

When starting up with Meraki devices, you don’t have to have the devices with you to start setting up the network. Let’s look at what you need to build your cloud-based network.

Creating Meraki Dashboard Account

When getting started, you need to create a dashboard account. Below are steps to create one.

  1. Search for the registration page
  2. Select create an account
  3. Choose the location of your account and organization
  4. Key in personal information and passwords
  5. Select create an account

After following these steps and providing the correct credentials, you should create the account. What follows is creating a network.

Creating a Network

Creating a network is simple and straightforward, just as creating the dashboard account. The network will hold all the devices and their configurations. Let’s look at the steps of creating one.

  • Login to the Meraki dashboard using the credentials we registered with
  • Once in, choose register Meraki devices and click next
  • Provide the information for creating a network and add devices if available
    • Name
    • Network type
    • Devices
  • Click on create the network

If the information provided does not contain any errors, the network will be registered, and more configurations can begin.

Creating a Systems Manager Network

After you have the dashboard and a network set up, it’s time to create a management network for the android and other devices in the network. Here are the steps to

  1. Log in to the dashboard
  2. Select set up system manager and click next
  3. Provide the network name under the drop-down menu, select EMM
  4. Select create network at the bottom of the screen

Is Meraki Free?

Meraki devices do not have a free version. Every device needs a cloud license to be managed. If a license expires or is missing, the device won’t pass traffic to the rest of the devices.

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Meraki devices offer an effective and optimal solution for scalable and secure networks. Remote management ensures business continuity and fault tolerance, so you don’t have to worry about downtime.

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