Your company’s online security is extremely important. While there are many aspects of your online presence you are fully aware of, your online security must go deep within to make sure your data is secure and safe from online predators. With the right tools, a predator can hack into your system and wreak havoc. They can steal confidential information and actually walk away with your money without you even realizing what has happened.

Why Perform A Computer Security Check?

Computer security checks are beneficial for several reasons. They are capable of detecting weaknesses in your security platforms. A computer security check involves examining existing cybersecurity protocols and making sure that your data is secure. A cybersecurity check will evaluate the strength of your firewalls and add extra measures such as a BitLocker to encrypt your files and keep them from being viewed by unauthorized personnel. A security check will also ensure that all of the recommended patches and updates are included so that your system is fully up-to-date.

While some companies wait until a computer security check is requested, others tend to be more proactive. By ordering semi-annual or quarterly reports from a reputable company like Compunet, you have the information in hand so that you can take action to protect both your system and the confidential information it holds. Waiting can result in a costly breach that affects you as well as your customers. It only takes one, well-timed and well thought out cyberattack to disable your system and keep it from functioning effectively.

Banks and Computer Security Check Reports

Banks are always trying to prevent financial loss. If your system has flaws or shows any sign of not being fully secure, your bank may not feel comfortable working with your system. When your system is breached or hacked in any way, both your company and your bank incur damages. A bank, or any other financial/lending institution for that matter, wants to know that they have minimal to no risk when working with a company.

By having an up-to-date computer security report on hand at all times, you can prove to the bank (and other companies you do business with) that your system is secure and free of all types of cybersecurity risks. In most cases, it is beneficial to run these types of audits at least two times a year. You can also schedule them to be performed on a quarterly basis so that you always have an up-to-date report on hand in case your bank or other financial institution demands one. This will save you both time and money and give you the peace of mind that your system is as secure as possible at all times.

Prevent Theft and Reduce the Risk of Being Hacked

Online predators are constantly trying to find new ways to breach your firewalls and gain access to your confidential information as well as that of your customers. They can gain access through third-party mobile apps and weaknesses in your firewalls due to lack of proper updates. Over 60 million Americans have their information hacked every year, either through their own security issues or those of a company they do business with. It’s up to you as a business owner to maintain the highest standards when it comes to cybersecurity.

There are several ways you can reduce your risk of being hacked or having your information breached. Two-step authentication instead of the traditional alpha-numeric password is just one way to make it more difficult for online predators to attack your system and compromise your information. Always scan your software for potential updates or patches that may be available. As hackers become more advanced, it’s up to you to stay ahead of the game and be fully prepared in case a cyber attack occurs.

Protecting your business from financial loss should always be one of your top priorities. If you need a computer security check, whether for your bank or your own peace of mind, call Compunet Infotech today and book a complimentary Cyber Security Consultation with one of the leading small business cybersecurity companies in Vancouver. The knowledgeable staff will answer your questions and schedule your security report immediately. Don’t risk your business’s online security. Call today!