Engineering Firm Outsources IT Services For Their Vancouver Office To Compunet

Every engineering firm needs a stable IT infrastructure layout, regardless of whether its goal is innovation, unlocking business value, or preparing your business for cloud migration.

Generic IT solutions don’t cut out because they lack the specificities for design and engineering work. Engineering requires effective technology optimized to integrate the latest engineering software.

After all, engineers use advanced applications and technology every day.

You need managed IT services for engineers to help your firm:

  • Address the problem of stalled productivity
  • Improve co-worker communication
  • Install an integrated IT system that addresses all of your business tech needs
  • Get tech support to employees and proactive IT management
  • Leverage advanced collaboration software and technologies

For over three decades, we’ve helped engineering firms in Vancouver design IT frameworks, secure their IT network and systems, and maintain an ideal IT working environment. We can deploy a team of tech specialists to your Vancouver engineering firm to address all your technological needs, too.

Engineering Firm IT Services In Vancouver

Services Engineering Firms Get with Managed IT Services

Every engineering firm is unique, and the managed IT services you’ll get will vary, depending on your business needs. However, you can expect services such as:

1. Laying Out of IT Infrastructure for Engineering Firms

Every institution requires a solid IT infrastructure that streamlines its daily operation, and engineering firms are no exception.

Your organization needs a tech roadmap that smoothens its activities and interaction between various departments and levels. You are responsible for identifying the right engineering tech solutions that help your business achieve its goals.

For instance, you need digitization technology such as:

  • Use of CAD software in the cloud to ease collaboration
  • An automation system that improves operation efficiency
  • Product data management systems

For decades, Compunet has helped engineering firms in Vancouver identify the right technology, design IT infrastructures that align with business operations, and help them manage systems.

Our specialists avail the experience for your company to leverage and skip all tech difficulties throughout your projects’ lifecycle.

2.  Cloud Migration and Computing Solutions

The engineering world is dynamic — punctuated with peaks and pits — depending on the following:

  • Economy
  • Fluctuation in workload
  • Fluctuation in workforce
  • Type of project
  • Seasons

Your budget and personnel will feel the pressure as your business adjusts to accommodate each fluctuating situation.

As a result, you need a system and processes that can adjust to the flexible nature of your business environment without spending a fortune. Cloud solutions let your engineering firm leverage a lot, including:

  • Cloud storage that eases document sharing — you don’t need to send large files to colleagues or clients — the file is instantly accessible to the person who needs it
  • Virtual servers to allow employees to work on some projects offline
  • Access to computing resources over the internet
  • Access to engineering applications from anywhere
  • Cloud network

More importantly, most engineering firms will benefit from the flexible nature of cloud solutions. Depending on your business needs, you can scale up or scale down your business.

3. Cybersecurity for Engineering Firms

The engineering world faces cybersecurity challenges as the industry shifts to the internet of things (IoT) and remote monitoring. Firms are implementing more technology and interconnected networks that introduce potential weak entry points for an attack.

Cybercriminals look for weak spots on your system to steal valuable information like:

  • Corporate banking accounts
  • Architecture drawings
  • Intellectual property
  • Employee information
  • Proprietary assets

While you need technology to meet your business needs, tech comes with a responsibility to secure it. You have to ensure that hackers don’t get into your network.

Compunet will help you secure your network by offering enterprise-grade cyber solutions. We’ll:

  • Install firewalls, antivirus, DNS filtering, spam filter, intrusion detection software, and multi-factor authentication.
  • Ensure you’re running supported operating system and hardware.
  • Update your entire system to ensure you have the latest patch.
  • Train your employee about cybersecurity.
  • Monitor your network 27/7/365 to check for abnormalities and protect your business from cybercrime
  • Fix access and administrative privilege when necessary

Compunet managed IT services for engineering firms ensure your IT security is proactively managed.

4. Data Backup and Recovery

Engineers and architects need different data storage and management service because they:

  • Deal with massive file size
  • Require intricate backup and versioning
  • Demand quick file access
  • Should meet compliance requirement

Engineering firms need backup solutions that tick all the boxes. You need a backup solution that is easily accessible from a remote location and ensures that you have the most recent version of your files.

Compunet offers the right technology that offers data architecture and storage solutions suitable for engineers. You’ll leverage rigorous de-duplication of your data to secure the integrity of your backup.

In case of an attack or disaster that results in data loss, our IT technicians will help you bounce back to your daily operation so that you don’t experience productivity loss. More importantly, we’ll ensure your backup is safe so that you can reliably restore your system in the event of data loss.

5. Ensure Your Business Remains Compliant

Every engineering firm must comply with several government regulations to continue to do business legally in Canada. You need a compliant IT system that provides cybersecurity, data privacy services, and regulatory compliance.

Compunet will shoulder the heavy auditing tasks and security assessment for you, leaving you and your team enough time to deal with the engineering part of your business.

With over 30 years of experience working with engineering firms in Vancouver, we’ve garnered experience of monitoring the ever-changing regulatory requirements proactively.  We’ll ensure you stay current and compliant to:

  • Save you time.
  • Avoid hefty fines.
  • Skip all the auditing processes.

We’ll handle everything for you.

Compunet’s Managed IT Services for Engineering Firms Comes at Customized Prizes

What you’ll spend on managing IT depends on several factors, including:

  • The size of your business as the cost will vary depending on the size of your IT network
  • Number of users — more users, translate to more devices to manage and, therefore, higher price point
  • Evolving needs — what you’ll pay will vary with the fluctuations in your business’s IT needs
  • Service time your business requires
  • Business evolving needs

In other words, what you’ll pay for IT service for your business is completely customized. Our tech expert will examine your business IT needs and draft the exact budget for you. Contact us today for further discussion.