Vancouver Engineering Firm Works With Compunet For All Their IT Support

Engineering firms are aggressively pushing to leverage technology to transform their business operations. Tech seems to be the key for planning the future success of organizations in terms of growth, innovation, and differentiation.

Technology advocates change and steers engineering firms’ transformation — with the cloud as the key driver for innovation.

However, no two businesses are alike. Your engineering firm requires tech solutions that address its unique needs so that you can align your IT with business operations.

Compunet has been providing engineering firms with customized IT services and support —  specific to their engineering company for over three decades. We’ve helped firms ease the constant pressure of delivering quality and staying relevant as the demand for engineering services grows in Vancouver City.

Ways to Position Your Engineering Firm for Success with IT Services in Vancouver

While the role of IT in an engineering firm is multifaceted, the most integral responsibility is to position your company for success today and in the future.

Since the engineering industry uses highly specific processes, you need customized IT assets to experience peak performance.

Compunet Infotech has a lineup of IT technicians in Vancouver with the necessary skills to help engineering companies achieve their operational goals through optimized tech environments.

We have helped engineering companies in Vancouver leverage technology to:

  • Review compliance requirements and develop a plan to meet those needs
  • Secure and transfer complex data and large files such as AutoCAD designs
  • Ease team collaboration regardless of the co-worker location so that you can complete projects in time
  • Protect their network and sensitive data with strong perimeter defences
  • Support large scale engineering tools like AutoCAD, advanced drawing software, and other software that world-class engineering firms use
  • Transform their operational model by helping the entire workforce to be more tech-literate
  • Design modern cloud architecture for applications and data

We’ll help your business set up IT infrastructure, secure it, make it support your daily workflow. You’ll leverage years of experience serving engineering firms and engineers to make confident and strategic tech decisions.

Engineering IT Services Vancouver Firms Get From Compunet

Our tech specialists deliver everything — from emergency support to fully managed IT services. Regardless of the tech level and network support you need, Compunet will offer you reliable services, including:

1. Reliable IT Consulting

A shockwave of tech-driven transformation has created the need for engineering firms to embrace new technology quickly.

Engineering firms in Vancouver have been demanding a different approach to building and managing technology to suit the ever-changing engineering landscape.

Compunet Infotech has been helping engineering firms in Vancouver and areas across the Lower Mainland and British Columbia to reinvent and build business values with industry-specific technology.

We understand no two clients are the same. Our technicians bring expertise to solve your unique engineering needs. We’ll help you position the company for success today and into the future, too, with our fully managed IT services.

2. Complete Network Security

As engineering firms implement more technology, there is a rising need to protect the IT system from cybercrime. More technology means more entry points to your network.

Technology aspects that engineers implement include:

  • Project management software
  • Smart building device
  • Building information modelling

All help improve daily company operations, but present opportunities for an attacker to steal sensitive information. You need solutions to protect engineering data that your team create, access, and store.

Compunet will help you protect information that hackers target in engineering firms such as:

  • Intellectual property
  • Employee information
  • Corporate banking accounts
  • Proprietary assets
  • Architecture drawings

We offer complete cybersecurity solutions for engineering firms to ensure your network isn’t compromised, no user account is being misused, and that engineering sensitive data is safe against all types of cyber threats.

3. 24/7 Help Desk Support

Regardless of the type of engineering, you have rigorous projects that need precise roadmaps, planning, performance improvement, and launches. A help desk support will streamline these processes.

Your business can benefit from the technology and workforce that let your firm capture, assign, and respond to support tickets. At the same time, your team can hold private internal conversations and separate discussions facing clients on the same ticket.

Compunet will work with you to tailor the help desk support for your workflow. We tailor our help desk service to the engineering industry and each engineer in your team.

In case your tech system encounters problems, we’ll have someone always available to help your business address them. Whether the problem is in the network, software, hardware, or any other problem, we’ll have a technician always available to offer you tech support to ensure nothing interrupts your operations.

4. Engineering Firm Continuity and Disaster Recovery

After employing all the engineering tech solutions and operating efficiently, you need to ensure your firm is resilient enough to withstand short or long-term interruption.

You’ll need a reliable disaster recovery plan.

Compunet helps engineering firms analyze and assess the risk of unavailability by identifying all the technology behind each face of your business operations. After determining tech infrastructure, we develop a comprehensive impact analysis and assess its impact on your business if a specific technology fails, even for a short period.

Then, we offer comprehensive disaster recovery solutions to ensure business continuity even in the event your company faces a disaster

5. Customized Cloud Solutions

Engineering firms need cloud technology too. Every firm needs to keep operations as efficient as possible in an industry with fluctuating workforce. The need for workforce and resource shift constantly — depending on the economy, season, and the project you’re working on.

Meaning the budget of engineering firms changes from time to time, and your firm needs to accommodate the external and internal changes happening around you. You need an IT system that can adapt.

Cloud solutions for engineering firms will offer you the best solution to help you scale your engineering firm as needed.

Cloud will allow you to store and access computer resources over the internet instead of having them on-premises. Compunet can move your system to the cloud without costing your business a fortune. Cloud resources you can utilize include:

  • Cloud servers
  • Storage
  • Applications and software
  • Network

You’ll have greater accessibility because all your engineers can access all documents, project details, client information whenever necessary from any device or location.

More importantly, you’ll have improved project management because every involved party can collaborate and update information.

Compunet Will Handle All Your Engineering Firm IT Support Tasks In Vancouver

For over three decades, we’ve helped engineering firms in Greater Vancouver to harness technology to fuel innovation. We help them achieve the intended benefit of technology in the engineering industry.

We can help your engineering firm take the right approach to building and managing technology for engineering. Contact us today to discuss how to reap the full benefits and value of investing in engineering technology.