Fully Managed IT Services In Greater Vancouver

Every day, attackers generate a tidal wave of cyberthreats — swiping innocent businesses that are not secured.

Password-stealing trojans, malicious emails carrying ransomware, threats that target system vulnerabilities, and even website hijacking to deliver malware to visitors — many cyber risks threaten businesses’ operations.

Cybersecurity has become a basic business need, with every organization needing adequate protection.

Fully managed IT services can be the right answer to businesses’ IT needs because they strike the right balance of cost and productivity. Some of the solutions organizations get from fully managed IT services include.

Fully Managed IT Services In Greater Vancouver

Reliable Cybersecurity to Stop Hackers from Crippling Your Business

A fully managed IT services provider offers your business the necessary baseline protection against cyberattacks without spending a lot. The cybersecurity solutions your business can get include:

Data Privacy Compliance

Regulators make evolving compliance laws to control cyber risk to address the growing cyber threats. Small businesses have difficulty keeping up with the ever-changing regulatory requirements.

On the other hand, the laws impose significant fines for companies that fail to implement adequate cybersecurity. A business needs to demonstrate compliance with multiple regulatory standards.

Compunet Infotech’s fully managed IT services can help you meet and maintain compliance with Canadian laws applicable to security, storage, and privacy regulations. Our qualified IT technicians will prepare and review audit reports for you so that you’ll never have to worry about compliance.

Endpoint Protection

Attackers are making new threats every day. Your business needs a proactive approach to combating cyberattacks.

Our fully managed IT services will offer dedicated security professionals qualified to improve your business cybersecurity and offer expert-level configurations of endpoint security solutions.

More importantly, we will offer regular vulnerability assessments to identify security flaws in your system. If we find any, we’ll take steps to fix them as soon as possible.

Disaster Recovery

Nearly all companies have data backup solutions to restore their systems when disaster strikes.  However, restoring a system from backup might be a slow process that causes a slack in business operations.

Compunet Infotech’s fully managed IT service offers you a mix of services to ensure your business continuity and provide for your disaster recovery needs.

Your business gets a continuous real-time replication of servers to secure data and applications in the cloud. In case of data corruption, user error or data failure, you can restore the latest point without sacrificing security, control, and regulatory compliance.

24/7 Remote Support to Offer Work-From-Home Support to Employees

Tech support is critical in maintaining a smooth workflow within a business. As many workers shift to working remotely, remote support is essential to solving tech problems without travelling to the device.

Fully managed IT services specialists use a remote tool to access all your business computers from anywhere to assist your employees, even when working from home. The vendor can resolve issues, install updates, perform maintenance, and even transfer files in a remote session.

Compunet Infotech offers remote support even outside the regular office hours to ensure your business operations don’t stop even when employees need tech support in a remote working environment.

Onsite Support to Tackle On-Field IT Needs

Compunet InfoTech deploys a network of technicians to support local IT challenges in Greater Vancouver. We help different businesses to manage various areas of their IT solution, including services such as:

  • Assistance with special IT project
  • Break/fix support
  • Professional cabling
  • Network fixing issues

Our fully managed IT services offer onsite support to businesses in Lower Mainland to improve efficiency. For instance, we’ve helped companies set up new office locations, clean up a flood of IT tickets, manage emergency IT needs, execute system repair, and even patch systems.

We have a local team in Greater Vancouver who can effortlessly provide you with effective and competitively-priced onsite IT support.  We’ll take ownership of all IT support team and work toward ensuring your technology helps you achieve your business goals.

Cloud Migration for Easy, Flexible, Inexpensive Management Solutions that Match Your Company’s Growth

Moving your business data and workload to the cloud is imperative because it allows agile management.

A fully managed IT services provider will offer you a team of experts with extensive experience in your industry and understanding your exact cloud needs. That way, you can migrate to the cloud without affecting your daily operations.

We have had the opportunity to help clients of all sizes around areas of Lower Mainland to lower operation costs, improve scalability, and reduce the risk of cyberthreats with our cloud services.

Our technicians will shoulder all the overwhelming migration tasks for you so that your business can stay competitive. The cloud migration service entails:

Compunet Infotech will deploy a team of cloud migration experts to your business in Vancouver to ease the transition to the cloud from on-premise.

Network Monitoring to Ensure Your System is Secure and Works as You Intend

You can’t let hackers use your assets against you. Routers, firewalls, switches, apps, and other IT assets should be secure and working at their peak.

A fully managed IT services vendor will offer a proactive approach to network support. Network monitoring services will provide your business with:

  • Early detection of malicious activities  before they turn into critical issues
  • 24/7 network monitoring from business-grade network operations centres
  • A personalized dashboard to update you about your network and security activity
  • Regular testing against  cybersecurity threats
  • On-time network solutions to ensure business productivity

Compunet Infotech will help keep your network performance stable and protect you from extended network downtime. We will keep an eye on your network 24/7 to ensure it’s performing to help your business achieve its goals.

Compunet Infotech Fully Managed IT Services Experts Will Solve All Your IT Issues

Our field technicians will be at your offices in no time anywhere in Greater Vancouver and areas around Lower Mainland to offer you fully managed IT services.

We provide service level agreements to ensure you only pay for the services that your business requires. Our services range from IT security to IT support and strategy. Contact us today to discuss fully managed IT services and other IT requirements for your business.